MT4 Trading Is Disabled: Here’s How to Fix the Error

When trading on the MT4 platform, you will sometimes receive a message that the trade is disabled. So, what is the cause and how to fix it? This article will discuss the underlying reason and workarounds for each of them.

To be able to deal with the non-negotiable error, you must first find out the causes behind it. There are many reasons for this error, with some variants of the message “MT4 trade is disabled”:

#1. The trading account has not yet been verified

Verification is a mandatory part of the account opening process. This helps the broker to protect its platform and avoid unwelcome activities. Once your account is verified, you will be able to enjoy all the advantages and trading rights on the platform offered by the broker.

Therefore, make sure that you have completed the verification of your profile to prevent this from happening when you try to make a trade. Verification of the full profile is an important step, since after a while unverified accounts will no longer be able to trade, with the trading terminal displaying an error message in the Order window.

Click the link to learn how to fully verify your XM account pool.

#2. The MT4 asset you trade is disabled

If your broker disables trading a currency pair permanently or temporarily, your MT4 platform may display this error code. For example, a broker is unlikely to support exotic trading pairs. In that case, the order will be rejected.

To check if a particular tool has been disabled, click this link to check for the tool. You can also try trading with another tool to confirm that this is the reason for the error.

The product you are trying to use is only set to close: in this case, check the email of the broker with whom you are registered. Because usually when there is some change on a particular symbol, the broker will send an email notification to their client. If you can’t find the email, you can contact the broker’s support directly.

#3. The market is closed

While the market is closed, you will not be able to trade. The forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. However, trading hours are not the same for all products and may vary from product to product.

You can check the trading hours of any product in the MT4 specification window by right-clicking on the desired product and selecting the specifications.
The contract specifications window will appear and you will be able to view quotes and trading sessions.

#4. Unstable or slow Internet connection

One of the most common reasons for commercial error codes is a slow or unstable internet connection.

Check if your internet connection is good – sometimes the reason for this error is simply a bad internet connection that needs to be stabilized to solve this problem.

#5. Log in to the account with the investor’s password

Investor Password allows you to access 3rd party accounts, monitor their trading activities but you cannot open/close orders or change account settings.

To start trading, log in to your trading account with your Master Password.

Above are a few reasons why your order may be disabled. In case you still cannot manage the above ways, contact the support of the broker with whom you registered the account. Good luck with your trading!

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