Tradingview App: How to Download and Install It on Android and iOS

We learned how to download and install the TradingView application for Windows and Mac OS computers in the previous article. Nowadays, the use of mobile applications has become extremely popular and necessary. Therefore, TradingView for mobile devices is indispensable to meet the needs of users. The following article explains the installation and features of the TradingView mobile app for Android and iOS.

Some special features of the TradingView app for Android phones

  • It allows real-time updates of market news, trading ideas and widgets such as the desktop version of Tradingview.
  • The information is synchronized between computers and phone devices, making it convenient for users to use TradingView anytime, anywhere.
  • TradingView App for Android offers free charts and allows users to add indicators and drawing tools at will.
  • Users can create resource watchlists and users at will for real-time updates.

Outstanding features of the TradingView app for iOS mobiles

  • TradingView for IOS has an alert management screen, watchlist management, and an intuitive charting screen.
  • IOS widgets support marked and split lists for convenient monitoring.
  • View real-time charts and add indicators of drawing tools… fast, easy and intuitive.
  • Get instant access to profile trading ideas and discuss with the TradingView community around the world.

How to install TradingView for iOS phones?

Users can download TradingView for iOS by following the link above or by going to the iPhone [App Store] and searching for [TradingView]. Then click the [Get] symbol.

After the download has completed successfully, click [Open] to open the application.

After opening the TradingView app for the first time, select [Do not allow] if you do not want to receive notifications or [Allow] if you want to receive information from TradingView.

Then, click [Sign In] to sync your TradingView account to your computer and other devices. After logging in, the settings on all devices are retained.

How to install TradingView on Android phones?

To download TradingView on Android phones, users need to go to the link above by phone or go to CH Play search [TradingView].

Then click [Install]. After the application has been successfully installed, users click [Open] and log in to their TradingView account to sync with the TradingView account on other devices.


The TradingView mobile application helps users conveniently monitor price charts and receive price alerts when users cannot open the computer 24/7. Alternatively, users can use the mobile trading feature by opening TradingView in the Chrome or Safari browser on the phone.

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