The best Notion alternatives in 2024

Notion is a leading platform in the world of digital productivity. However, it is not suitable for everyone. Notion may seem like a simple alternative to Google Docs, but it offers a lot more functionality. It allows you to create various tools to improve productivity in a personalized way, using automations, artificial intelligence and integrations with other platforms. However, Notion may be inadequate for those looking to build comprehensive CRMs, no-code backends, or complex websites with large volumes of data.

Here are some of the best Notion alternatives available in 2024, which may better suit your needs.


Coda is a new type of document that combines words, data, and teams. It offers easy-to-write spreadsheet formulas, functional buttons, automations to manage recurring tasks, integrations with third-party services, and an advanced formula editor. It allows you to host all tools and technologies in documents.


Craft allows you to create structured and linked documents, with an excellent mobile editing experience. It supports frictionless sharing and export and works on all Apple devices, online and offline. It offers personalization and high-quality visual content


ClickUp is a platform for team productivity and collaboration. It offers spaces, folders and lists, customizable activities, subtasks, nested checklists, ClickApps to customize activities, automations, hundreds of templates, and more than 1,000 integrations


Capacities combines aesthetics and ease of use with advanced functionality for knowledge management. It offers block-based editing, messenger integrations, task management, custom content types, contextual backlinks, tagging, sharing, and
PDF export.


Anytype is a versatile app for creating knowledge bases, trip planners, study hubs, recipe books, habit trackers, and much more. It offers a no-code builder, database, templates, widgets, tables, Kanban, galleries, and offline speed


Slite is a collaborative workspace for remote teams. It allows you to document, discuss, decide and act in one place. It offers a fast and flexible editor, documents in collections, discussions for decisions, work sharing and quick search.


XTiles is a visual annotation app for creative people, combining text editors and whiteboards. It allows you to think, write and organize thoughts on cards and tabs. It supports comments, mentions in shared documents, capturing snippets from websites, synchronizing with Google Calendar, and
detailed note management.


Fibery integrates work and knowledge into a single tool for documents, task management and diagrams. It offers a browser extension for Chrome, forms, charts, whiteboards, custom domain, customizable views, collaborative documents, smart folders, permissions, and APIs


Taskade is a second brain powered by artificial intelligence. Automate activities in marketing, sales, support, human resources, startups, and agencies. It offers tasks and projects, notes and documents, mind maps, AI chats, and optimized workflows


Typed is the next generation of documents for individuals and teams. It offers predefined organization, a network of knowledge that remembers ideas, and allows you to find and save anything from anywhere.


Guru is a collaborative knowledge management solution. It connects teams and people, transforming collections of information into useful knowledge. It offers wiki, intranet, AI-powered knowledge base, employee profiles, personal dashboards, and

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