Make Money With YouTube Without Showing Your Face or Voice: 10 Rarely Used Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to make money on YouTube without having to show your face or record your voice? You are in the right place! With the rise of platforms that pay for visual and creative content, it is now possible to earn money without showing off your identity. Here are ten YouTube channel ideas that will allow you to make money without showing your face or using your voice

1. Showcase Your Creative Skills

If you have a visual hobby like painting, restoration, cooking, or DIY, you can create videos that showcase your creative process. Viewers love to see artistic skills in action.

2. Reviews and Unboxing

Reviews and unboxings can be done using on-screen texts to explain details. This is especially useful for technological or cosmetic products.

3. Time-Lapse

Time-lapse videos show the transformation of something over time, such as the growth of a plant or the construction of a building. These videos are fascinating and require only static shooting and editing

4. Slow Motion

Slow-motion videos of fast-moving objects, such as a horse race or a golf ball being hit, are very popular. All you need is a good camera and a bit of editing

5. Try-On Hauls

In the fashion industry, you can show off your purchases without revealing your face. Just frame the clothes worn on the body and add
descriptive texts.

6. Panorama

Panoramic shots from suggestive places, such as beaches or mountains, can attract many spectators. In Austria, for example, there are webcams moving in the ski mountains that show the weather conditions and the turnout


ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos are perfect for those who don’t want to use their voice or show their face. Relaxing sounds such as fingernails rustling on a pillow or opening a can can be greatly appreciated

8. Silent Mini Films

You can create short silent movies, such as scary stories in which you never see the protagonists but you can sense their presence through shadows and sounds. This format is particularly suitable for the horror genre.



The musical montages of various scenes may include houses, cars, trains, and people. By changing the angle and setting frequently, you can keep the viewers’ interest high

10. Art Video

Artistic videos, similar to video installations in museums, can be very engaging. Use colors and graphic effects to create visually fascinating content. You can, for example, mix two colors or create video collages of different people who react in unique ways

I prefer faceless-voiceless channels as a side activity. Even though few of these channels exceed $10,000 a month, I love YouTube because it feels like a second home. Making videos on the weekend for extra income isn’t a bad idea. I’ve already got seven sales!

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