Stock Investments: Top 5 ebooks for Beginners

Let’s say you’re a new investor in the market or you’ve been investing for a long time and still losing. In that case, accumulating knowledge and building a solid foundation before entering battle is a prerequisite. One of the most valuable and authentic sources of knowledge that any investor can refer to is stock investment books. This article introduces you to the top 5 most valuable and exciting eBooks for beginners in stock investing.

These five stock ebooks will save you a lot of time in self-study, tinkering and gaining experience in the market. Through this, you can find the correct investment method, improve your profit rate and limit the risk of your investment account.

1. How did I earn $2,000,000 in the stock market? Nicolas Darvas placeholder image

In the book How did I earn $2,000,000 in the stock market? Nicolas Darvas’ writings are beautiful because the author’s experiences are presented briefly, with convincing evidence in easy-to-understand language, but still contain academic content in the analysis of investments in securities. Whether they are new to the market or professional investors, who have no basic knowledge or who are researchers and teachers of investments in securities, readers feel useful things through their experience and the investment skills of Nicolas Darvas.

Through the book, readers will also understand the theoretical issues of fundamental analysis, technical analysis, trading skills and investment strategies in securities that are flexibly applied in the practice of investing in securities, such as: how. In addition, readers also have the opportunity to learn about Nicolas Darvas’ Box Theory and its significant applications in equity investing.

Through failures, Nicolas Darvas drew his lessons as:

  • Don’t listen to consulting firms, even if they’re on Wall Street.
  • Investors should ignore the rumors.
  • Do not trade in the OTC market.
  • Don’t focus too much on the opportunity. First, minimize the risk.
  • Don’t sell a rising stock for any reason.

2. Beating the road – Peter Lynch

With extensive investment experience, Lynch summarized his 21 principles and wrote the book Beating the Street. In the book, it was:

  • Compare the returns between investing in bonds and stocks.
  • A step-by-step step-by-step guide to the stock selection process. Discover more than 11 ways to choose good stocks to invest in.
  • It shows how individual investors can improve their investment performance, on a par with leading experts.

This is a book worth reading from “America’s #1 money manager”, read and develop your mindset, then find the most effective investment strategy.

3. How to make money in stocks – William J O’Neil

The book begins with an explanation by William J O’Neil of his CANSLIM method. It is the method that has resulted from the most significant gains in the history of the US stock market. CANSLIM is an acronym and each letter represents every characteristic of the shares outstanding. Some of his practical tips in this book, How to Make Money in Stocks:

  • Immediately sell your shares at a loss and buy more of your growing shares.
  • The stop-loss technique 8-10%
  • All shares are speculative.
  • Never buy the average down, just the average up.
  • Look for signs of reversal before selling.
  • The importance of price and volume charts.

This book, How to Make Money in Stocks, gives you a great foundation for building an investment plan. I think this is an excellent book for beginner investors. Although you may not fully follow the CANSLIM method, it will more or less affect your investment style later.

4. Common Stock and Profits and Other Writings – Philip A. Fisher

Philip Fisher is one of the most influential investors of all time. Its investment philosophy is not only studied and applied by many modern experts, but also considered by many investors as a guide for themselves. These philosophies were collected in his famous book Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits, one of the classic investment textbooks for modern investors.

The book will give you a comprehensive look at particular issues such as the power of voices, what to buy, when, what investors should avoid, and how to find a good deal of potential stocks… form a high-efficiency investment philosophy.

Fisher has shown that there are two ways to get the most significant return on investment: first, buy stocks when the market is falling and wait for the market to recover; or apply the second way with less risk and greater potential return, which is to invest in different companies that continuously grow and reap profits every year. It also outlines 15 stock choices and critical ingredients for a successful investment to find exactly such companies.

We can say that ordinary stocks and uncommon profits will change the way you look at the financial markets, a book that deserves a place in the library of investors and anyone interested in this field.

The book is in the Top 10 of the best title books of all time.

5. A Beginner’s Guide to the Stock Market – Matthew Kratter

Right from the title, it tells the content of the book. It is an essential stock investment book to help you learn how to make money from the stock market, even if you are a beginner with no experience. The book’s author, Matthew R. Kratter, has worked at leading hedge funds and has over 20 years of investment experience. With this book, it will help traders understand stocks and how to invest in them.

The three tips it gives you, you need to own a stock brokerage account, then do your research on the stock you want to buy by visiting the company’s website, financial statements, etc. Then, make a list of stocks you will invest in in the future. When you have money, buy it and own it for as long as possible.

The author uses simple spells, practical strategies for beginners and pitfalls that you are prone to fall into.


Above are five ebooks that you can refer to if you research the market and want to build an effective investment strategy. All the knowledge contained in these books is transmitted in an attractive, intuitive, easy-to-understand way and can be applied to the US stock market in particular and to the stock market in general.

With the above five stock ebooks for beginners, you can read on to give you a total amount of knowledge before committing to a compelling investment. The experiences and groundbreaking thinking imparted by leading investment experts through the above stock ebooks will help you become more developed and potential.

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