Solanium (SLIM) price forecast 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Solanium is a decentralized platform based on the Solana blockchain that allows you to raise funds for high-level projects. The project aims to build a platform focused on interference and user experience to make Solana more accessible to everyone. The latest version of Solanium allows the project owner to host IDO, NFT, IGO, and other types of public sale of blockchain projects

Platform wanted to create an all-in-one solution for Solana that included products like DEX, transaction management, Wallet, and more.

Solanium works on a tier system to offer allocation to investors to invest in upcoming projects. Solanium has 5 different levels that name GEB, KHEPRI, RA, Horus and Khonsu, as level 5 and level 4 will get a guaranteed allocation. however, the investor must point their token to apply the whitelist to get the allocation. Currently, more than 12 uniquek stakers are active, which have staked more than $78 million tokens.

Solanium has successfully hosted more than 10 projects and on average most of the project has made 10 times the return on investment. Solanium hosted IDO began to gain recognition from investors thanks to which the community count reaches the 100k brand.

Solanium price forecast

Month & Year SLIM Price Forecast
September 2022 $0.27
October 2022 $0.41
September 2022 $0.45
December 2022 $0.48
January 2023 $0.53
February 2023 $0.68
April 2023 $0.73
April 2023 $1.06
May 2023 $1.23
June 2023 $1.42
September 2023 $1.53
December 2023 $1.63
April 2024 $1.74
July 2024 $1.93
October 2024 US$ 1.56
January 2025 $1.84
February 2025 US$ 2.16
April 2025 $1.95
April 2025 $4.02
May 2025 $4.32
June 2025 US$ 4.63
July 2025 $4.24
July 2025 $4.54
September 2025 US$ 4.03
October 2025 $4.65
October 2025 $4.91
December 2025 US$ 5.05
January 2030 $8.87
April 2030 US$ 9.09
May 2030 US$ 10.19
July 2030 US$ 10.58
September 2030 $9.97
December 2030 US$ 11.01

Solanium Introduction

Project name Solanius
Ticker symbol slender
Total supply 100,000,000
Official website
Based on IDO Launchpad |
Launch year 2021
Supported network Solana
Exchange platform MEXC, Gate, Raydium, Kucoin, ZT
wallet Sollet •

SLIM price analysis

SLIM is the main utility token of the Solanium ecosystem based on the SPL Token standard on the Solana blockchain. as mentioned system of layers that depend on how much user staking SLIM Token. The staking token user will get multiple benefits that include lottery ticket for IDO, APY, governance voting, and more. Solanium hosted the public in May 2021, where the token sold out at a price of $0.20 USD and with an increasing number of IDO prices reaches a new all-time high in October 2021. Demand for SLIM increases and during Solana’s bull run, Solanium has been in the most sought-after crypto project for almost 1 week. the current resistance of the SLIM token is between $ 2.80 and $ 2.90 and reaches all record times reaching the price of $ 5.70.


Platform used Solanius
Generated by $6,000,000 USD
Date of the ICO 22 of May 2021
ICO Price $0.20 USD
partner MEXC, Rarestone Capital, Genblock Capital, Serum, TRGC, Skyvision Capital, Minted Lab, Petrock Capital, Bigcoin Capital, in Square Ventures,


Solanium is the largest IDO Launchpad of the 3rd largest blockchain network. early investors have already almost recovered their invested funds, since since all times the low price of the SLIP token has increased by 45 times. The performance of the Solana blockchain is very good in terms of the number of transactions per second and transaction speed. Adding Solanium to your portfolio will unlock many opportunities to increase your return on investment to explore different projects. The diluted market capitalization of the project exceeds the value of $ 1 billion and even the project once it enters the list of the top 300 projects.

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