Gari Network Token Price Forecast 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

Gari Network is a blockchain platform for creating short videos that allows the user to upload short videos to the mobile application. Chingari is the name of the application available on Android and iOS app store. Chingari currently India’s most popular creator platform which is considered a great alternative to TikTok, Reels and other platforms. Gari aims to give the opportunity to earn because show their creativity by making short videos.

Chingari awarded as the most prestigious award in India called The Atmanirbhar Bharat Award, which was initiated during the pandemic to stop the uses of Chinese-based products. Project was founded in 2020 and since then the platform shares nearly 30% of revenue with the influencer and creator directly through its own centralized utility token. at the time of writing more than 75 + million currently registered with the Chingari app and every day 50 + million daily activities reported. The mobile app supports more than 20 languages along with built-in filters and an extensive library of songs.

Bollywood star Salman Khan launched the Chingari social token “Gari” making a special appearance at a public event hosted by officials. Salman khan mentions that the entertainment industry is growing and boosting the network of creator Gari will surely change the game. Recently, to promote the Chingari agricultural competition, Kareena Kapoor and Johnny Lever also joined the board.

How to participate in the public sale of Chingari?

Step 1: Request the Gari Network Whitelist on the official website: here

Step 2: Create an account at:

Step 3: Complete KYC and send the required document.

Step 4: Public sale taking place on November 2, 2021, then revisit the platform.

Step 5: Mandatory passport for citizens outside the United States and approx.

How to get 100 Chingari coin for free?

Step 1: Download the Chingari app: Link

Step 2: Enter your mobile number and email address

Step 3: Request OTP and sign in to confirm your mobile number.

Step 4: Watch at least 10 videos.

Step 5: Check the Wallet section and see Gari Token Balance.

Gari Network Token Price Forecast

Gari Token public sale program on November 2, 2020, where 200 million tokens will be distributed for public sale. However, the initially circulating limit will be around 300 million and the price could reach an ROI of 20 times compared to the public sale price.

Gari Network Overview

Project name Gari Network
Ticker symbol Gari
Total supply 1,000,000,000
Official website
Based on Social Short Video Maker
Launch year 2020
Supported chain Solana
Exchange platform Na
wallet Phantom, Chingari App

Gari Token Analysis

Gari Token is nothing more than in-app currency and governance token of Gari Network, that is Chingari Application based on the SPL Token standard and distributed on Solana Blockchain. Gari Token has multiple use cases that include rewarding influencers and creators. The betting program has also been introduced in which each user will receive a reward in Gari Token itself. For the first investor Chingari distributes 100 Gari tokens as a welcome bonus for new users to download their application. Gari also provides a short form tool for newcomers for novice users.


Platform used,
Generated by Private Sale: $19 Million Venture Round: $30 Million Public Sale: NA
Date of the ICO November 2, 2021
ICO Price Tba
partner La Q, Koinage Records, Dekko.
investor Republic Crypto, Solana Capital, Kraken Ventures, Alameda Research, Valor Equity Partner, Blackpine, NGC, Cultur3 Capital Afton Capital, CSP DAO.


Chingari hit the trending list after top Bollywood actor Salman Khan launched their social token. Chingari continues to set a new record as the platform has already become the 4th most popular social video creation platform. recently, as per the official application that includes both the iOS and Android platform very close to reaching the milestone of 100 million downloads. However, being the Indian application and free distribution program, more people are likely to join the platform very soon. In recent times more than billions of people already enter crypto investments and considering the number of Indians it becomes the largest country of adoption of cryptocurrencies.

We know that the Gari network will be the next most successful cryptographic integrated project after Polygon, WazirX and others. Gari Token will be the most valuable product for Chingari, as it will be the main center of attraction for the creator and investor. we know, blockchain projects of video creators have gained huge interest from investors and have also generated a huge market volume. Gari with the support of the community will reach the ranking among the top 1000 crypto projects.

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