Share 41 for everyone since 2025: the latest news on retirement

With the introduction of ‘Quota 41 for Everyone’ in 2025, the Italian pension system could undergo significant changes. In this article, we analyze what Quota 41 means, who it is aimed at and what the government’s proposals are, as well as examine the alternatives

What is Quota 41

The current Quota 41 pension

Currently, the Quota 41 pension is reserved for early workers, i.e. those who have accumulated 41 years of effective contribution, including at least 12 months paid before their 19th birthday.

This measure, introduced by the 2017 Budget Law and implemented by Prime Ministerial Decree 87 of 23 May 2017, allows workers to retire at a relatively low age

Proposal to extend Quota 41

From 2025, it is expected that Quota 41 can be extended to all workers, regardless of age. This change would allow anyone who has reached 41 years of contribution to access early retirement

How to retire with Quota 41

Requirements for Quota 41 for everyone

If the proposal is approved, from 2025 it will be possible to retire with 41 years of contributions, without age restrictions. This proposal stems from Bill No. 2285 of the 18th Legislature, presented by the deputy
Claudio Durigon.

Details of the proposal

The bill includes two main interventions:

  • Introduction of a single contribution requirement of 41 years for all workers, taking into account all the contribution paid in any social security management.
  • Maintaining forms of early retirement such as Quota 100, Quota 102 and Quota 103, only for strenuous work.

Latest news on Quota 41

Position of the government and the CNEL

Discussions on Quota 41 are still ongoing. The National Council for Economy and Labor (CNEL) has highlighted the high costs of this measure and has proposed an alternative based on the Dini law, with flexible exit from 64 to 72 years

Financial sustainability

Undersecretary of Labor Claudio Durigon argues that Quota 41 is financially sustainable, despite the doubts expressed by the CNEL. The League continues to promote this initiative, pushing for its implementation by the end of the legislature in

When will Quota 41 take effect

Timing and uncertainties

There is still no certainty as to when Quota 41 for everyone will come into effect. Although the proposal is scheduled for 2025, many unknowns remain. Currently, the Quota 41 pension for early workers is already in force and can be requested following the instructions of the INPS

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