Call for new businesses 2024: non-repayable contributions of up to 2,500 euros

The Rome Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture (CCIAA) has launched the 2024 call for new businesses, a significant opportunity to encourage the creation of new companies in the territory of Rome and its province. This call provides for non-repayable contributions of up to 2,500 euros, intended to support the establishment and start-up phases of new business realities

Objectives of the call

The 2024 call for new businesses aims to:

  • Supporting the creation of new companies in the territory of Rome and its province.

  • Reduce the costs for the support services and technical assistance necessary for the establishment of the new company.
  • Encourage local entrepreneurship and increase the competitiveness of new businesses.

Recipients of the call

The call is aimed at:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who intend to create a new business in the territory of Rome or province.
  • Subjects who undertake to register with the register of companies of the Rome Chamber of Commerce, if they are not already registered.

Requirements for participation

To participate in the call, new companies must meet the following requirements, depending on the legal form:

  • limited liability company: the aspiring entrepreneur must be the legal representative and/or director of the new company.
  • partnerships: all members must meet the requirements to access the call.
  • limited partnership: the aspiring entrepreneur must be qualified as a general partner.

Exclusions from the announcement

They cannot access the contributions:

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs not registered in the business register within six months of the approval of the application.
  • Those who submit more than one application or for several new businesses.
  • Who registers a company with a legal form, corporate structure or activity other than the approved business idea.
  • Applicants who apply for a company already registered in the business register of the Rome Chamber of Commerce or other business register.

How to access contributions

To access the contributions of the call, aspiring entrepreneurs must contact the following implementing entities:

  • cat — technical assistance centers
  • CSA — craft service centers
  • CAA — authorized agricultural assistance centers

These centers will provide the information and technical assistance necessary to carry out the business idea. The implementing entity will issue an estimate of the costs of the requested support service and will evaluate the business idea. At the same time, the application will be submitted to access the support service useful for the creation of the business

Submission of the application

Each candidate can submit only one application through the implementing entity, accompanied by the following documents:

  • Business Description
  • Organizational plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Economic/financial plan

Expenses eligible for the contribution

The technical assistance services necessary to set up and start the company are eligible for the contribution, including:

  • Certified start of activity report (SCIA)
  • Fire risk cpi
  • Acoustic impact and atmospheric emission practices
  • Various practices (e.g. INAIL registration, business start declaration, brand/logo registration, business plan drafting)
  • Amount of contributions

    Non-repayable contributions may have a maximum value of 2,500 euros (net of VAT) for each applicant. The amounts are paid net of the 4% withholding tax and are recognized upon presentation of an invoice issued to the company by the implementing entity for the
    service provided.

    Granting of concessions

    The Rome Chamber of Commerce verifies the applications received, evaluating costs, requirements and submitted documentation. The decision to approve or reject the activation of the support service is communicated to the implementing entity, who will inform the applicant and, if successful, will initiate the procedures
    for obtaining the contribution.


    The 2024 call for new businesses in Rome and its province will remain open until December 31, 2024, subject to the exhaustion of the resources allocated by the Rome Chamber of Commerce, which amount to a total of 727,500 euros.

    The 2024 call for new businesses represents an important opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs in Rome and its province, offering non-repayable contributions for the creation of new businesses. For more information and details, we recommend that you consult the full text of the announcement available at the Rome Chamber of Commerce.

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