Rebel Bots (RBLS) price forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, 2050

Rebel Bots is a single, multiplayer robot-based game to earn a sci-fi metaverse game. Rebel Bots concocts an interesting fictional history of Fremont California in the year 2052. History of millions of robots created by the human world that serve man and to perform daily tasks. Creator of Rebel Bots that aims to build the best gameplay ever, in which even non-NFT players can get involved in the game.

Under the gameplay the player can enjoy a friendly and competitive gaming experience with multiple modes.

In the Rebel Bots universe located in space and in the game they require several players to unite around the kingdom. Each game can build its own troops of different types of bots to compete with other players and missions. Project focused on key factors that include skill base game, high quality production, social gameplay, easy-to-understand game to gain model and fun to play.

The sale of Rebel Bots NFT got a huge response from investors, as the sale was sold within minutes, and many guilds are also participating in the project. In total 10,000 NFT have been sold, and many people are considering holding long-term and very few are listed available on the market. Rebel Bots listed on Opensea and its minimum price increase from 0.20 to 0.49 ETH within a week.

Rebel Bots Price Forecast

Month & Year RBLS Prediction
September 2022 $0.133
October 2022 $0.197
September 2022 $0.220
December 2022 $0.232
January 2023 $0.250
February 2023 $0.186
April 2023 $0.220
April 2023 $0.241
May 2023 $0.286
June 2023 $0.292
September 2023 $0.318
December 2023 $0.340
April 2024 $0.329
July 2024 $0.384
October 2024 $0.351
January 2025 $0.391
February 2025 $0.856
April 2025 $0.880
April 2025 $0.969
May 2025 $0.984
June 2025 $1.009
July 2025 $1,127
July 2025 $1.305
September 2025 $1,191
October 2025 $1,167
October 2025 $1,365
December 2025 $1,404
January 2030 $3.016
April 2030 $3.204
May 2030 US$ 3,600
July 2030 $3.313
September 2030 $3.817
December 2030 $3,956

Rebel Bots Overview

Project name Rebel Bots |
Ticker symbol RBLS
Total supply 300,000,000
Official website
Based on Play to earn
Launch year 2022
Supported chain polygon
Exchange platform Quickswap, Sushiswap, Gate
wallet Metamask, WalletConnect

RBLS Price Analysis

RBLS Token has multiple use cases, where it also acts as the primary currency of the game, along with the transaction takes place using this token. RBLS based on the Polygon aka Matic network and traded on decentralized exchanges. The RBLS sale is hosted on different launchpads and each NFT holder is guaranteed, as the RBLS token reaches 25 times from the public price considering the highest price of all time. The minimum NFT price of several rarity bots has increased in the range from 10x to 120x in price. in the current market situation the price varies between $ 1 and $ 1.5 USD and in the next sale of RBLS land can again exceed $ 2 USD.


Rebel Bots launched the bear market, where most of the game to earn games has already collapsed and currently very few games can survive in the current market situation. The concept of Rebel Bots is really exciting, where you create different scenarios where the user has no choice to spend tokens and perform actions such as oil shortages, wars, and more. Rebel Bots has been successful in selling tokens and NFTs and the most possible reason behind the success is its concept, graphics, design and partnership. Rebel Bots collaborates with the best companies in the industry, as well as Animoca Brands, Ubisoft, overwolf, Makers fund and Polygon Studio.

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