ProfitTrailer: how it works

From our ProfitTrailer review, it emerges as a solid cryptocurrency trading bot platform. It supports several exchanges and offers a wide range of fiat and crypto trading pairs on selected platforms. Its promise to negotiate deals without requiring the active presence of traders makes it an attractive choice

Key features of ProfitTrailer:

  • Versatility: It supports more than 40 integrated indicators and offers direct access to TradingView cryptocurrency trading strategies and alerts through an intuitive interface.

  • Intelligent Automation: Not only a powerful bot system, but it also guarantees earnings while you sleep or enjoy quality time, closely following market conditions.

How Does ProfitTrailer Crypto Trading Bot Work?

Despite its power, ProfitTrailer doesn’t promise immediate riches. It is an advanced bot that operates automatically, trading cryptocurrencies directly from exchanges. It works according to strict government laws and follows the preferred settings of the strategies chosen by traders

User-Friendly User Interface:

ProfitTrailer offers an easy-to-use interface with automatic configurations and free updates, making crypto trading accessible to everyone.

ProfitTrailer Review: Pros and Cons


  • Free and paid versions with paper trading features.
  • Support for cryptocurrency trading on different exchanges.
  • Intuitive user interface with automatic configurations.
  • Useful add-ons and strong dedicated community.
  • Good reputation for reliability and credibility.


  • Some signal subscriptions can be expensive.
  • Lack of transparency about the parent company.

With ProfitTrailer, your cryptocurrency trading becomes efficient and secure. Take advantage of the bot’s versatility to customize your strategy and enjoy peace of mind while the system works
for you.

Monitor: Track Your Investments with Ease

ProfitTrailer users can take advantage of a modern, advanced and intuitive GUI interface through the platform monitor. This tool allows you to track investments and digital assets efficiently, while ProfitTrailer trading bots work tirelessly on behalf
of users.

DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging): Reduce the Impact of Price Fluctuations

One of the distinctive elements of ProfitTrailer is the DCA, or the Dollar Cost Averaging. This powerful feature allows traders to mitigate the effects of price fluctuations, increasing its value with each use

Possibly Buying: A Smart Guide for Your Investment Choices

ProfitTrailer’s ‘Possibly Buy’ function makes it easy to find potential investments. Easily adjustable from configurations, it provides users with clear indicators on the purchasing strategy, allowing them to quickly execute operations with customized settings

Sales: Monitor and Track Your Sales Records

The sales feature of ProfitTrailer offers traders an effective way to monitor and track their sales records. A crucial element for evaluating performance and making informed decisions

Pairs: Get a Complete Picture of Your Crypto Transactions

The trading pair feature provides a clear overview of all purchased coins waiting to be sold. This tool, similar to filtering, allows you to combine different strategies to optimize trading operations

Configuration: Personalize and Optimize Your Settings

ProfitTrailer provides a configuration function that allows users to easily adjust settings. From basic to advanced settings, this feature also suggests potential purchase transactions, making configuration a smooth process.

How to Get Started with ProfitTrailer?

1. Create Your Account on ProfitTrailer

To become official members of ProfitTrailer, users must create an account through the automated software. Signing up is simple and allows you to choose between monthly or lifetime plans

2. Configure Your Accounts and Start Customizing Settings

Choose the plan that best suits your needs and customize the rules of your trading bots. ProfitTrailer offers several trading strategies, including Gain, Loss, MACD, RSI, and

3. Pricing Plans on ProfitTrailer

Free Version:

  • Exceptional features, including support on Discord, running two bots, signal subscription, more than 40 signal indicators, and much more.

Paid Version (Basic and Advanced):

  • Flexible options for all traders, supporting a wide range of exchanges and offering advanced functionality at competitive prices.

ProfitTrailer is the reliable and intelligent solution for automating your cryptocurrency trading. Start exploring its potential today.

ProfitTrailer FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Is ProfitTrailer Legit?

The ProfitTrailer trading bot business is undoubtedly legitimate, providing valuable support to numerous cryptocurrency traders in the process of trading automation. The testimonials and accuracy demonstrated by leading traders on authoritative review platforms confirm that ProfitTrailer is a legitimate platform, offering
both free and paid services.

How to Use ProfitTrailer?

The use of ProfitTrailer requires the configuration of the preconfigured VPS offered by the platform. This component must be set up as an extension of basic cryptocurrency trading functions. Managing the features and functions of the platform may initially be complex for beginners, but it becomes progressively easier thanks to fully customizable, accessible and intuitive dashboards

How Much Does ProfitTrailer Cost?

ProfitTrailer presents different pricing plans to meet the needs of various traders. The costs vary depending on the plan chosen:

  • Signal edition starting at 25 euros per month
  • Basic at 39 euros per month
  • Basic with VPS at 54 euros per month
  • Payment costs at 59 euros per month
  • Advanced with VPS at 99 euros per month

Is ProfitTrailer Reliable?

ProfitTrailer has a reputation for reliability and safety. The parent company, ProfitTrailer B.V., is registered with the Government of Curacao and regulated in the Netherlands. The platform uses the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol to ensure the security of shared information

What Type of Security Does ProfitTrailer Offer?

ProfitTrailer offers a high level of security, preventing unauthorized access through the use of advanced security mechanisms and APIs. It also doesn’t require withdrawal permissions from users, adding an extra layer of protection

Risk Warning: It is essential to carefully read the terms and conditions of the cryptocurrency market and consult the legal documentation provided by the official website before investing in ProfitTrailer, considering personal risks and your risk profile. It is recommended that you seek independent advice and conduct thorough research on choosing the trading bot that best suits your needs

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