Price Forecasts and Overview of Uranium Production 2024-2030

Uranium is a key element in the production of nuclear energy, which currently generates about 10% of the world’s electricity. Given the importance of nuclear energy in the global energy transition, knowing the main uranium-producing nations is

Recent Dynamics of the Uranium Market

After reaching a peak production of 63,207 metric tons in 2016, global uranium production saw a significant decline, influenced by low prices and global events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

However, uranium prices have recently started to rise, driven by positive sentiment regarding the role of nuclear power in the future energy mix and a new demand for investment through uranium-based funds

The Major Uranium-Producing Nations in 2022

Here’s an overview of the major nations that dominate the uranium production sector:



  • Mining production: 21,227 MT
  • Kazakhstan dominates global uranium production, accounting for 43% of the world’s supply.



  • Mining production: 7,351 MT
  • Despite falling production from previous peaks, Canada remains a leader thanks to its vast operations in Saskatchewan.

3. Namibia

  • Mining production: 5,613 MT
  • Namibia has risen rapidly in the ranks of uranium producers, surpassing even Australia in 2021.



  • Mining production: 4,087 MT
  • Australia holds 28% of the world’s known recoverable uranium resources, despite declining production.

5. Uzbekistan

  • Mining production: 3,300 MT
  • Uzbekistan is expanding its production through joint ventures with international partners.



  • Mining production: 2,508 MT
  • Russian production has remained relatively stable, but recent geopolitical tensions have led to increased scrutiny of its uranium exports.

7. Niger

  • Mining production: 2,020 MT
  • Niger continues to be a key player despite production declines.



  • Mining production: 1,700 MT
  • China is trying to expand its self-sufficiency in the supply of nuclear fuel.



  • Mining production: 600 MT
  • India is investing heavily in nuclear capacity as part of its infrastructure development program.

10. South Africa

  • Mining production: 200 MT
  • South Africa has seen a decrease in production but remains among the top ten producers.

Price Forecasting and Investor Considerations

Investing in nations with solid uranium production could offer interesting opportunities, given the expectation of an increase in demand for nuclear energy. However, investors need to be aware of the geopolitical and environmental challenges that may affect the uranium market

In conclusion, while the uranium sector presents opportunities, investors should proceed with caution, informing themselves properly and considering the various risk factors associated with investing in natural resources and nuclear energy.

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