PNRR: what is the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) is the Italian government’s strategic plan aimed at promoting economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic, using funds allocated by the European Union through the Next Generation EU program. This plan will last until 2026 and has a total value of 194.4 billion euros, which the EU provides in installments based on the achievement of the objectives set out in the

What is the National Recovery and Resilience Plan

The PNRR, acronym for “National Recovery and Resilience Plan”, was approved in 2021 by Italy to relaunch the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic and promote the country’s green and digital development. In addition to being a plan for recovery, it represents a unique opportunity to create jobs and support families and businesses.

Amount of PNRR funds

Italy’s PNRR received final approval from the Council of the EU for a total of 191.5 billion euros, later updated to 194.4 billion euros. Of these:

  • 122.6 billion euros are in the form of loans
  • 71.8 billion euros are in the form of grants

Structure of the PNRR

The PNRR is part of the European Next Generation EU (NGEU) program, a 750 billion euro package agreed by the European Union in response to the pandemic crisis. It has been remodeled and enriched with additional appropriations and objectives approved by the EU. The main component of the NGEU is the Recovery and Resilience Device (RFF), which funds the PNRR “Italy Tomorrow” for 194.4 billion euros. Added to these are an additional 30.6 billion euros from the Complementary Fund, financed through the multi-year budget variance approved in Italy

Operation of the PNRR

The PNRR was created following the guidelines of the European Commission and is divided into 7 missions and 16 components. The 7 missions are:

  1. Digitalization, Innovation, Competitiveness, Culture and Tourism
  2. Green Revolution and Ecological Transition
  3. Infrastructure for sustainable mobility
  4. Education and research
  5. Cohesion and Inclusion
  6. Salute
  7. RepowerEU

The Plan includes projects aimed at improving environmental sustainability, digitalization, education, research, youth and women’s employment, as well as public health.

Installments of PNRR funds

The European Commission authorizes the disbursement of funds to member States on a biannual basis, provided that the objectives set out in the Plan are achieved. So far, Italy has received:

  • 24.9 billion euros in pre-financing
  • 21 billion euros as first installment
  • 21 billion euros as a second installment
  • 18.5 billion euros as a third installment
  • 16.5 billion euros as the fourth installment

The fifth installment of 12,158,822,275 euros was requested in January 2024 and payment is expected.

Changes to the PNRR in 2024

The Italian government has made significant changes to the PNRR, including:

  • The installation of PNRR coordination booths in all Prefectures, to strengthen the governance of the PNRR
  • The remodeling of the university housing target and the expansion of investments for essential services dedicated to students

Difference between PNRR and Recovery Plan

The PNRR is only part of the Recovery Plan. The Recovery Plan includes the funds of the Next Generation EU of 194.4 billion, to which are added 47.5 billion from the REACT-EU and 30.6 billion from the
National Complementary Fund.

Guides to understand the PNRR

The PNRR has been illustrated with clear and immediate language in 10 guides entitled “Italy starts again — The PNRR at a glance”. These guides explain the main news divided by sectors and recipients, including Public Administration, aid for the South, research interventions, governance and
financial resources.


The PNRR represents a unique opportunity for Italy to relaunch its economy, improve environmental sustainability, promote digitalization and support employment and social inclusion. The initiatives and projects of the PNRR aim to create a more resilient and prosperous future
for the country.

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