Pension Reform 2024: Still Sleigh, Proposals, News and Hypotheses under Exam

With the approval of the Economic and Financial Document (DEF) 2024 and the warning from the European Union, the pension reform for 2024 is further delayed. The Italian government is looking for solutions to balance pension spending even in 2025, focusing on greater protections for women, young people and
workers with exhausting jobs.

The news of the Pension Reform

The DEF 2024 does not contain the programmatic profile of the measures to be taken for 2025, causing the pension reform to be postponed further.

The State Accounting Office and the European Commission have highlighted that Italian pension expenditure is unsustainable in the long term, requiring
significant structural changes.

Failure to Extend Early Pensions

The financial guidelines of DEF 2024 suggest that from next year it may be necessary to stop early pensions. This means that Quota 103, the Maroni bonus and the possible Quota 104 may not be renewed. Only the Women’s Option and the Social APE could be maintained

Increase in Minimum Pensions

The Government has expressed its intention to increase minimum pensions to 1,000 euros in 2025. This proposal, although still being finalized, has already received a placet from Parliament in the past. Recall that the 2024 Budget Law introduced a new system for the revaluation of pensions, with increases differentiated according
to the amounts.

Early Retirement Rules

There are no further changes to the rules for ordinary early retirement in 2025. Currently, this pension is intended for workers with a contributory seniority of 41 years and 10 months for women and 42 years and 10 months for men. The changes introduced by the 2024 Budget Law remain in force, with specific requirements for those who started contributing since 1996

71 Year Retirement Bonus

One of the proposals under consideration is the introduction of a bonus for those who retire at 71, exceeding the age threshold set by the Fornero Law. This incentive aims to make the pension system more sustainable, encouraging workers to delay leaving the world of work.

Assumption Quota 41 for Everyone

Even in 2025, the proposal for Quota 41 for everyone remains uncertain. This measure, which would allow early retirement for those who have paid 41 years of contributions regardless of age, is considered financially unsustainable

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