PayPal to fund your eToro account: how to do it and why

PayPal has become an international payment and transaction gateway for several years. Compared to other online payment platforms, PayPal seems to be simpler and more convenient.

Making a deposit to an eToro account using PayPal brings numerous advantages, such as:

  1. PayPal is famous for being a stable payment method with a high secure rate.
  2. Depositing via PayPal is quite fast, it only takes 1 minute to transfer the money to your eToro account.

    Processing the withdrawal for PayPal takes 1-2 days.

  3. Funding eToro accounts using PayPal doesn’t cost you any conversion fees. When you deposit with a different currency, the deposited amount will be converted at the current market rate, which costs you more.
  4. In addition, the USD balance on your PayPal account does not depreciate due to inflation as when you book money in fiat currencies.

In conclusion, PayPal currently continues to grow and dominate the digital payments space, even as competition increases. The total volume of payments via PayPal reached a record in 2020 with $936 billion US dollars.

For the above reasons, Investiki encourages you to make deposits/withdrawals on eToro through PayPal for convenience and safety. However, before you deposit money on eToro, make sure you have money ready in your PayPal account.

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