NFT contract address on OpenSea: here’s how to find it

A contract address of an NFT reveals the complete information about the NFT, such as the details of the property, the maximum total bid, the number of holders, the details of all transactions and more.

In addition, you will need the NFT contract address to view the NFTs in the MetaMask wallet or any other Web 3 wallet.

How to find NFT contract address on OpenSea?

To find the NFT contract address on OpenSea, go to OpenSea and select the NFT for which you want to see the contract address.

Then, scroll down to reach the “Details” tab and click on it.

Steps to find the NFT contract address on OpenSea

  1. Go to OpenSea
  2. Locate the NFT
  3. Expand the “Details” tab
  4. Read the Smart Contract

1. Go to OpenSea

Visit the website of OpenSea, the largest NFT market.

OpenSea has all kinds of NFT, including art, collectibles, domain names, music, photography, sports, trading cards, and virtual worlds.

2. Locate the NFT

After visiting the OpenSea website, you can find the NFT you are looking for using the search box provided.

Alternatively, you can click the “Explore” button to search for NFT by category.

If you have NFT in your wallet and want to see the contract address, you need to link your MetaMask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Phantom Wallet or any other wallet to OpenSea.

After establishing the connection between your wallet and OpenSea, you need to click on the “Profile” icon at the top right corner of the web page.

Now, in the “Crops” tab, you will be able to see your NFTs.

Click the NFT for which you want to view the contract address.

3. Expand the “Details” tab

Once you locate the NFT, you need to scroll down a bit to see the “Details” tab.

Expand the Details tab by clicking it.

This way, you will be able to see the contract address and token ID of the NFT you selected.

Now you can use it to import the NFT into crypto wallets or read the complete information about that NFT.

Click on the contract address to see the full details of the NFT on the blockchain explorer.

4. Read the Smart Contract

On the blockchain explorer, you will find many attributes. Each attribute contains specific information about the NFT.

Contract Creator: This attribute contains the transaction ID (TxID) of the NFT creator. Clicking on this TxID will display the details, such as when the NFT was created, the confirmed blocks, the transaction fee and the smart contract ID.

Token Tracker: Token tracker attributes contain NFT’s maximum total bid, total holders, and total transactions so far, along with transaction details.

It also contains the official website and social profiles of the NFT creator.

Transactions: The Transactions tab records all transactions in real time along with From and To addresses, timestamps, transaction fee, method, and blocks.

The Method attribute on the Transactions tab has three statuses: Set Approval for All, Mint, and Transfer From. It is updated based on the decoded input.

Internal Txn: Internal transactions are transactions between smart contracts. You can see the From and To addresses, timestamp, block, and value.

Contract: This is where you can see, read and interact with the NFT’s smart contract. The Contract tab has three subtabs named Code, Read Contract, and Write Contract.

Under the “Code”, you can find the complete source code of the smart contract. On the Read Contract tab, you can read the smart contract by method. To use the Write Contract feature, you must connect the Web 3 wallet. Keep in mind that this Web 3 wallet connection feature is a beta version, so use it with caution.

Analysis: This tab features multiple charts detailing your Ether balance, transactions, TxnFees, Ether transfers, and token transfers. It also has a new feature called Txn Heatmap.

In addition to these attributes, you can also find ERC20 Token Txns, ERC721 Token Txns, events and comments, which are less important than the attributes we have explained.


Finding the NFT contract address and token ID on OpenSea is a fairly simple task.

Interpreting them would be a bit complicated for many. However, if you read the way we explained in this article (Step 4), you will know the full details of the NFT you hold or are looking for.

Once you’ve found the contract address and token ID of NFT, you can interpret them or use them to import the NFT into your Web 3 wallets.

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