ERC20 MATIC in Polygon MATIC: here’s how to do the conversion

If you mistakenly exchanged the token for a MATIC ERC20 or transferred your MATIC via the Ethereum network (ERC20) for a lower gas fee and wanted to get a native MATIC, this article is for you.

In this article, I explained the steps I followed exactly to convert my ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC with original screenshots.

How to convert ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC?

To convert ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC, you need to use polygon bridge.

Polygon Bridge uses a smart contract to allow users to transfer ERC tokens, including NFT, to the Polygon chain.

The process of converting ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC consists of two transactions: approve the deposit and complete the deposit.

Usually, each transaction takes 2-8 minutes. However, it is totally based on congestion on the blockchain.

It takes a gas fee of ~$2 to $5 to convert ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC via the Polygon bridge.

Steps to convert ERC20 MATIC to Polygon MATIC

  1. Connect your wallet with Polygon Bridge
  2. Select Token and enter the amount
  3. Confirm transfer
  4. Confirm your deposit
  5. Check your wallet

1. Connect your wallet with Polygon Bridge

As the first step, go to the Polygon website and hover over “dApps” to click “PoS Bridge“.

Now, you will be required with more wallet options to access.

I will use the Coinbase wallet for this conversion process. You can use any wallet where you have ERC20 MATIC.

After clicking on the wallet, a connection request pop-up will appear. This request allows only the Polygon bridge to view the wallet balance, activity, and sending transaction requests.

This connection request will not allow Polygon Bridge to access your funds without your permission. Then, click “Connect“.

Now, Polygon will send you the signature request. You need to click on “Signature“. This signature request will not cost you any gas tax.

2. Select Token and enter the amount

Once the connection between your wallet and the Polygon Bridge is established, you will see options, such as Polygon Wallet, Polygon Bridge, Polygon Staking, and Widget Dashboard.

You need to click on “Polygon Bridge“.

In the “From” tab, you will see the Ethereum chain. Click the drop-down box just below to select the MATIC token.

Immediately after selecting the MATIC token in the “From” field, you can view the MATIC balance.

Next, you need to enter the amount of ERC20 MATIC to convert. You can use the “MAX” button if you want to convert all the MATIC ERC20 you have in your wallet.

Finally, click “Transfer“.

Always remember that you can convert tokens from the Ethereum chain to the Polygon chain using the Polygon Bridge. Do not use the bridge for staking/delegation purposes.

Click “Continue“.

3. Confirm the transfer

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the “Transfer Overview” pop-up will show that the conversion process consists of two transactions. You can also see the estimated transaction fees there.

Click “Continue“.

So, you have to confirm this twice from your wallet.

Next, you need to click “Continue” on the “Confirm Transfer” page and click “Confirm” on the wallet extension.

This transaction may take up to 2 minutes.

4. Confirm your deposit

Now, you need to confirm your deposit. This process also takes 2-8 minutes.

To do this, click “Continue” and then click “Confirm” on your wallet.

Now, your transfer is on the road and it will take about 7-8 minutes to complete the deposit.

Once the transfer is complete, you can check the status of this transaction by clicking “View on Etherscan“.

5. Check your wallet

To verify the conversion, you can go ahead and open your wallet and check your MATIC balance and Polygon chain symbol.


The conversion of the ERC20 MATIC to the Polygon MATIC takes place via the Polygon Bridge. In addition, the whole process involves two transactions and takes about 15 minutes.

After completing the transfer and verifying it in the wallet, you need to disconnect the wallet from the Polygon Bridge.

To do this, click on the partial address of your wallet in the upper right corner of the Polygon Bridge page. Then, click “Disconnect“.

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