This review will look at Nexo, a fully regulated digital asset institution that offers instant crypto loans, daily asset earnings, and a crypto exchange where users can buy, sell, and trade crypto. In particular, we will examine the characteristics of the Nexo, analyzing its instant lines of credit, native token, security and usability, among other functionalities.


Nexo was founded in 2017, and the firm has been working tirelessly since its launch to provide a professional financial solution to the cryptocurrency industry.

One of the most used blockchain platforms globally, Nexo offers services in more than 40 fiat currencies26 cryptocurrencies and more than 200 jurisdictions.

Additionally, Nexo is a trusted partner to prominent trading companies, hedge funds, family offices, and over-the-counter (OTC) desks worldwide. The firm helps scale and execute various business or investment strategies by combining top-tier custody with large-scale lending and financing.

Deep liquidity, low latency execution, and top-tier custody make Nexo an ideal platform for a wide range of trading or investment methods.

On top of all that, Nexo users can benefit from the platforms key features such as:

  • Receiving instant crypto loans like Nexo provides instant access to funds.
  • Earn daily interest and high-yield interest on idle assets.
  • The purchase and sale of 26 cryptocurrencies and their exchange between 175 different cryptocurrencies in the market.
  • Nexo is the first blockchain firm to provide its services in more than 40 fiat currencies and more than 200 jurisdictions.
  • Nexo native Token (NEXO) allows users to earn higher earning rates in addition to lower lending rates.


The platform is a fully regulated digital asset organization that offers instant crypto loans, daily asset earnings, and cryptocurrency exchange.

On a global scale, Nexo has more than 2.5 million customers and has more than $13 billion in assets under management. In addition to its ever-expanding social network, which currently has more than 200,000 users, the platform continues growing.

  • Digital asset owners benefit from nexus’s high return on idle assets as well as their instant access to cash. In addition, advanced trading and over-the-counter (OTC) capabilities are available.
  • In addition to offering a smooth user experience, Nexo’s fast lending platform also offers military-grade security, including 256-bit encryption and a $375 million insurance policy. Client funds are protected through multi-signature cold storage from Ledger Vault and BitGo, the only Goldman Sachs-backed custodian that is qualified and audited.
  • Nexo is a forerunner in developing a new digital financial system by using the potential of blockchain technology.
  • The platform also has a top-tier instant line of credit service for borrowing without a credit score, while users can earn high-yield interest on their idle assets.
  • The Nexo cryptocurrency exchange allows you to switch between more than 175 different market pairings easily. Select the currencies and amounts you wish to exchange in the Exchange tab of your Nexo account.
  • Importantly, the company is fully regulated. Since its inception, it has not had any security breaches against its network, so consumers can rest assured that their assets will remain safe and secure.


One of the reasons the exchange is rapidly gaining popularity within the cryptocurrency space is that it continues to build and grow its core products and features.

The main products that the company has to offer are described below and their functionalities and features.

  1. Buy Crypto ;
  2. Earn interest in cryptocurrencies;
  3. Instant Crypto Lines of Credit;
  4. Cryptocurrency exchange ;
  5. Nexus Card ;
  6. Nexus Prime;
  7. Nexus Token.
  8. Buy crypto

Using Nexo to make purchases, users can choose from a selection of 20 popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), NEXO Token (NEXO) and many others.

Buying cryptocurrencies on Nexo means that users have the following benefits on 20-inch demand cryptocurrency assets:

  • Instant purchase ;
  • All-in-one solution;
  • First level insurance ;
  • No hidden fees.

instant purchase

Nexo makes it easy to buy cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. There are no difficult processes or clunky user interfaces to deal with. Creating an account and entering your bank card information is all that is required to make a purchase.

All-in-one solution

Nexo offers a full range of digital asset management solutions. For example, instant Crypto Lines of Credit allow you to start earning interest on your crypto right now, or you can also switch between over 150 market pairings with Nexo Exchange.

First level insurance

Nexo has partnered with renowned industry custodians and leading compliance agencies to provide you with up to a $375 million value guarantee for assets held in your account.

No hidden fees

Before completing each transaction, you may see the precise processing fee you will be charged when paying with a card on the final “Order Confirmation” page. This is because the amount indicated on the ‘Order Confirmation’ page is the amount charged for the transaction, and there are no additional hidden costs.

  1. Earn crypto interest on Nexo

At Nexo, you can put your unused digital assets to work for you and earn interest rates of up to 20% APR, paid every day. So far, Nexo has paid out more than $200 million in interest since it launched in 2017.

When it comes to making money with cryptocurrency, buying it and following it until the price rises is an excellent strategy; however, it does take significant effort and a certain amount of luck.

With Nexo, you can put your idle assets to work immediately and generate a reliable stream of passive income without taking any risk on your investments in the process.

Top up your account, and you’ll start earning up to 20% annual interest; no further action is required on your behalf.

Nexo also has a great tool to calculate your crypto yield to see how much interest you could be earning on your assets by selecting a coin and entering a sum.

For example, at press time, $100 worth of Ethereum would return $106.13 over 12 months.

Additionally, users can further diversify their portfolio with the growing variety of 26 digital assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEXO, stablecoins, and other cryptocurrencies.

Earning with Nexo allows you to grow your portfolio while keeping your crypto safe. Still, there are more benefits like:

Composite Daily Payments

Nexo’s one-time daily payments provide quick access to your interest earnings. Your performance is quickly credited to your nexo account, so the next day, you start charging interest on top of that, so your daily payments will continue to grow in size over time.

Flexible Earnings

Increase the return on your cryptocurrency with Nexo’s fixed-term incentive rates. With your FLEX service, you can trade while you earn. Alternatively, you can set a fixed term to earn additional interest on your investments.

zero fees

Nexo never charges you any hidden fees or commissions, whether you deposit, withdraw or hold funds. So you can withdraw money at any time and not lose the interest you’ve accumulated, or you can put money in at any time to earn even more.

top tier insurance

Suppose an external hacker compromises your Nexo account, or your private keys are lost or stolen. In that case, as mentioned above, your digital assets are protected by a $375 million insurance policy provided by the platform’s industry-renowned custodians.

How to start earning in Nexo?

It takes less than a minute to create a nexo account:

  1. Launch the Nexo platform or the Nexo mobile app.
  2. Complete the verification procedure.
  3. Buy or transfer cryptocurrencies to your account.
  4. You are now set up, and daily interest will begin to accrue on your digital assets; You will start earning interest the day after your transfer or purchase.

Nexo interest rates

The following factors influence the user’s interest rate:

Loyalty level

The loyalty level is determined by the ratio of NEXO tokens in your portfolio compared to the total amount of other assets in your portfolio. There are four levels, BaseSilver, Gold, and Platinum; the following are the minimum criteria for each level:

  • Base: No need for NEXO tokens.
  • Silver: At least one per cent of the Wallet Balance in your account must be made up of NEXO Tokens.
  • Gold: NEXO tokens must represent at least 5% of the total wallet balance in your account.
  • Platinum: At least 10% of the Wallet Balance in your account must be made up of NEXO Tokens to qualify.

Interest payment

  • Earning ” in-kind ” means that you receive interest on the currency you are holding.
  • Earning ‘ on NEXO ‘ entitles you to interest payments on NEXO Tokens and up to 2% more interest on your total holdings.

Each cryptocurrency has its Annual Percentage Yield (APY), which users can use to earn, for example, Bitcoin 6% APY and Polkadot 13% APY.

However, if users choose to earn on NEXO, this amount can be increased for each coin by an additional 2%, meaning they would earn 8% APY on their BTC and 15% APY on DOT.

savings term

You can choose between FLEX or Fixed, and you will earn an additional 1% interest if you set up a one-month Fixed Term on your cryptocurrency.

If you still want more details, you can find interest rates here.

  1. Instant Crypto Credit Lines

Nexo’s crypto-backed lines of credit use your digital assets as collateral, unlike conventional loans that take your credit score in to account. In a nutshell, Nexo supplies fiat or stablecoins to you, and users provide cryptocurrencies as collateral for repayment.

Instant Crypto Lines of Credit provide users with the opportunity to borrow against their cryptocurrency. In addition, you can obtain cash or stablecoins using your cryptocurrency, with interest rates starting at 0% APR. All customers have to do is top up their account, and their line of credit becomes immediately accessible.

There are over 20 different collateral options to choose from, plus over 40 different fiat and stablecoins to borrow from. As a result, borrowing with Nexo makes it one of the most flexible crypto lines of credit available with over $6 billion issued in credit so far, allowing clients various benefits such as:

  • Rates that set the standard: Rates start at 0% and never go above 13.9%; Nexo never considers a borrower’s credit score.
  • Instant Approval: You are approved in seconds and often receive funds within 24 hours.
  • 40+ Currencies to Select: Choose from 40+ fiat currencies or borrow quickly with USDT or USDC.
  • Multi-Asset Compatible – Instant cash or stablecoin conversion of all your crypto holdings.
  • No Fees: Pay your balance in full or in part whenever you want without being tied to a predetermined payment plan.
  • Repayment Made Simple – Pay off your line of credit using fiat, crypto, or a combination of the two.

If your LTV is less than 20%, and you are a Gold or Platinum customer, you can earn premium rates of 0%-1.9%. With this option, you have the freedom to choose between premium and regular Nexo offers.

In addition, Nexo provides users with protection even in the face of adverse market situations and gives them the tools to track the status of their lines of credit and keep the value of their collateral intact even during a market downturn.

  • Margin calls: The Nexo blockchain oracle will inform you via SMS and email if your collateral starts to depreciate, suggesting you partially refund your crypto credit or add more collateral.
  • Collateral Transfer: In the absence of any action from you, the blockchain oracle will automatically move assets from your Savings Wallet to your Credit Wallet to maintain the health of your credit line.
  • Automatic Refunds: Also, if you don’t have enough assets in your savings wallet, the Nexo blockchain oracle will use a portion of your collateral to start automated credit refunds, enough to cover the difference.
  1. Cryptocurrency exchange

Nexo Exchange allows you to instantly buy, sell and trade across over 175 market pairings with no price fluctuations, all while staying in the comfort of the Nexo platform or the Nexo app.

Real-time conversions between all Nexo-supported currencies, including the platform’s native token (NEXO), can be done at the touch of a finger and without the need to wait for withdrawal confirmations.

There are no restrictions on the number of swaps you can make, with minimum and maximum order values ​​of $30 and $250,000, respectively. The three main benefits are listed below, as well as additional advantages.

  1. Instant transactions:
  2. Fixed price execution :
  3. An infinite amount of swaps.
  • Nexo offers fixed price execution, which means that consumers pay exactly what they see. Unlike other exchanges, where rates can vary by up to 5%, Nexo sets the rate when you submit your order, saving you time and money.
  • In real-time, you can trade any of the market pairings that are currently accessible. When your order is verified, your account balances are automatically updated immediately.
  • Nexos’ intelligent routing system processes the numbers for you, saving you the time and effort of researching to get the best deal. The smart routing system links you to the top ten exchanges simultaneously, allowing you to execute trades at the most profitable price possible.
  • All major currencies are just a click away, and you can access them from any device. Market pairings are available for all coins supported by Nexo, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEXO, and many more coins.
  • You can earn interest as you trade, as all new assets are immediately transferred to your Savings Wallet, meaning you can earn high-yield interest even while you’re not trading.
  • With Instant Card Top-Up, you can buy bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and other cryptocurrencies of choice instantly and securely with your credit or debit card.

Buy, sell and exchange in three steps:

Step 1: Open the Nexo platform or application and click on the [Exchange tab ], then choose the option to buy, sell or exchange.

Step 2: Decide on a currency pair and select the currency you want to pay in, the currency you want to receive and the amount you want to exchange.

Step 3: To check your transaction, click [ Exchange Preview ] in the dropdown menu. To complete your transaction, simply press the ‘Exchange’ option.

  1. Nexus Card

With the Nexo Wallet app, you can order and manage your Nexo card, allowing you to access your assets from anywhere in the world.

The Nexo Card is accepted by more than 40 million merchants worldwide; you can use it as you would any other credit or debit card. Simply swipe your card, and the payment amount will be deducted from your available balance in your Nexo account.

Every time you swipe, tap or shop with your Nexo card, you’ll earn 2% cashback. Before completing a transaction, you can choose whether to earn your rewards in NEXO tokens or Bitcoin, or you can switch between the two options.

So you just have to worry about making purchases with your card, as all of your refunds will be immediately deposited into your Nexo account.

In addition, the Nexo card entails the following benefits:

  • With a simple touch, you can freeze and unfreeze your Nexo card.
  • Receive real-time alerts on all transactions.
  • Create free additional virtual cards for secure online purchases.
  • Real-time monitoring of all your transactions.
  • View and, if necessary, update your PIN at any ATM.
  • Pay in local currencies.
  • There are no monthly, annual or fx fees.
  1. Nexus Prime

Nexo prime brokerage provides investors with all the tools they need to trade, borrow and lend digital assets, and store them securely. Nexo Prime is designed for more experienced and sophisticated investors and traders. With Nexo Prime, large orders are executed quickly and reliably.

Additionally, the platform offers advanced technical infrastructure, a deep liquidity pool, and competitive trading fees, making execution profitable.

Nexus Prime Trading

  • Trade spot, margin and derivatives on the world’s largest trading venues leveraging their full liquidity.
  • Nexo’s intelligent routing system provides profitable execution.
  • Nexo’s execution algorithms will help you increase the efficiency of your transactions.
  • Clients can use Nexo’s easy-to-use trading interface or trade directly using a provided API connection.
  • Use Nexo’s over-the-counter counter, which is open around the clock, to execute spot and derivatives transactions with high levels of customization and accuracy.


Nexo’s leading lending services will provide you with on-demand liquidity, whether you’re looking for margin trading or an OTC loan.

  • Nexo prime gives access to institutional finance solutions for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and fiat currencies, among other things.
  • Scale up your trading strategy while keeping the value of your crypto assets intact.
  • Increase the amount of leverage in your portfolio by borrowing at the lowest interest rate possible.
  • Driven by Nexo’s vast pool of liquid assets, the firm offers flexible terms on all of its collateralized loans.

Nexo is capable of satisfying the needs of all types of investors:

Institutional Investors: Nexo Prime offers a comprehensive suite of financial services to investors, including trading across multiple spot and derivative markets, lending, lending, and secure storage of digital currencies, among other things.

Corporate Corporations: The institution provides organizations with alternatives to prevent inflation and diversify their reserves by purchasing digital assets on the open market. You can share your goals with the platform, and the Nexo team can explain many different financing solutions that can help you achieve them.

Private Investors: Nexo offers white-collar support to high net worth individuals and family offices interested in building a cryptocurrency portfolio, discovering new cryptocurrency income opportunities, and using a professional account manager to manage all their activities from one platform single location.

Ultimately, Nexo Primes provide personalized services, unlimited capabilities, and security while maintaining a personalized experience. In addition, the platform is equipped with a top-tier security architecture that is meant to ensure that your assets are always protected to the greatest extent possible.

Trading, lending, custody, and lending are all handled by a single financial institution, making it easy to manage your assets. Also, you will only have to go through the onboarding procedure once, and after that, you will have access to the entire cryptocurrency market through a unified interface.

Ultimately, Nexo’s substantial retail balance and excellent institutional ties allow it to meet all borrowing demands, no matter how large or long-term.

  1. Nexus Token

The NEXO token is the native cryptocurrency on the Nexo platform, providing token holders with a host of benefits. It bears repeating that the NEXO token will allow you to earn even higher win rates while taking advantage of competitive borrowing rates.

NEXO Token holders who keep them in their Nexo accounts’ Líneas de Ahorro y Crédito wallets can earn up to 12% interest per year on their holdings. Additionally, holding NEXO Tokens immediately enrols you in the Nexo Loyalty Program, which provides you with the following benefits:

  • Earn up to 50% higher crypto returns using Nexo’s Earn on Crypto suite.
  • The interest rate on loans starts as low as 0% APR.
  • Up to 5 free cryptocurrency withdrawals are available.
  • NEXO tokens allow you to participate in future governance votes and help define the future of Nexo (1 NEXO = 1 vote).

Nexo tokens are available for purchase on the Next platform and more than 15 third-party exchanges.

The NEXO token is a vital component of the platform’s loyalty program and must be used to participate. You are assigned to one of four tiers depending on the number of tokens you own as a percentage of your overall wallet balance (the sum of your USD assets from your credit line and savings wallet):

  • Basis: 0-1% of the NEXO tokens in your wallet.
  • Silver: 1-5% of the NEXO tokens in your wallet.
  • Gold: 5-10% of the NEXO tokens in your wallet.
  • Platinum: At least 10% of the NEXO tokens in your portfolio.
  1. Higher Yields: First of all, by holding more NEXO tokens, you can increase your loyalty level and earn more interest rates. Second, you can earn up to 2% more interest than you otherwise would by choosing to earn on NEXO tokens.
  2. Borrowing Rate: The higher your loyalty level, the lower your borrowing rate. With a 10% or more portfolio balance and a loan-to-value ratio of 20% or less, you are eligible for our lowest rate of 0% APR.
  3. Daily Interest: Regardless of your loyalty level, the NEXO tokens you have in your account will earn you a 7% annual rate of return, paid out daily. For an additional 9% or 12% APR, you can place the NEXO of your Savings Wallet on a Fixed Term for 3 or 12 months.
  4. Free Withdrawals: The number of free crypto withdrawals you get each month to an external wallet will range from 1 to 5, depending on your loyalty level. Additionally, you can make an infinite number of free cash withdrawals, as well as crypto and fiat transfers to your Nexo Wallet.

Nexonomics 3.0

The Nexonomics program is a set of updates to the NEXO token intended to promote tokenomics, improve its utility, and increase its market value.

Following the debut of Nexonomics in the fourth quarter of 2020, Nexo launched its Loyalty Program, increased its earning rates and made a $12 million buyback. Also, during Nexonomics 2.0 in the spring of 2021, the NEXO token saw a 600% surge, resulting in a new all-time high of $4.05.

To usher in a new chapter in developing the native Nexo token, the platform is releasing Nexonomics 3.0, which will update its usefulness and value.


Nexo’s Earn on Crypto suite is extremely customizable, allowing you to create a native look and feel like your clients earn on their idle assets through Nexo without leaving your platform.

By becoming a partner, you can expand your user base while collecting a portion of daily compounded revenue, with a seamless connection in six easy steps.


Log in to your Nexo account, copy your one-of-a-kind referral link, and you can start referring. As a result, you and your referrals will each earn $25 worth of Bitcoin within 30 days after you pass Advanced Verification and complete the equivalent of $100 or more in any asset offered by the Nexo platform.

Since there is no limit to the number of people you can refer, you can invite as many friends as you like.


Nexo is raising the bar for the entire blockchain ecosystem by implementing the strictest Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, impeccable risk assessment, data protection, and enhanced cybersecurity.

Nexo is building a community of security-conscious users and staff on its platform to strengthen the blockchain and crypto lending ecosystems. In addition, regular training on internal security and privacy ensures that Nexo employees are up to date on the latest cybersecurity issues.

Nexo protects your digital assets as you earn interest on them using a holistic approach to security that includes the following features:

  • Encryption: Nexo accounts are protected by 256-bit military-grade encryption.
  • Storage: Storage of blockchain assets in Class III military grade vaults is provided by leading blockchain custodians like BitGo and Ledger Vault, among others.
  • Insurance: $375 million in insurance.
  • Security infrastructure: Nexo’s security infrastructure is certified at the highest level under the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.
  • Protected funds: Lines of credit for cryptocurrencies that are over closed by 200-500%. Nexo never offers credit on an unsecured basis, ensuring your funds are protected no matter how the market fluctuates.

$375 million insurance

Blockchain security providers BitGo and Ledger Vault are among Nexo collaborates with many. Insurance coverage for digital assets stored on the Nexo platform through the most prominent syndicate of underwriters totaled $375 million in aggregate.

Real-time booking audit

The company’s custodial holdings must be made more transparent; therefore, Nexo has partnered with Armanino to conduct a Proof of Reserves audit. Furthermore, to ensure that Nexo can always fulfill its responsibilities to its customers, it has taken an innovative step in the crypto lending industry.

Anti-Money Laundering and Regulatory Compliance

Nexo relies on Jumio to meet the world’s most stringent KYC and AML compliance requirements. It is also backed by Microsoft, Oracle, Monzo, and HSBC, among other companies.

Nexo’s commitment to security is demonstrated by its adherence to the most stringent legislation and global KYC and AML requirements. As a result, people, businesses and organizations of all sizes trust Nexo with their data.

Storage of the highest caliber

Through your partners, you have immediate access to your funds and complete independence from third-party providers while your assets are kept in military-grade Class III vaults.

platform security

The Nexo platform is secure and has a variety of measures in place to help protect its users.

  • 2FA (two-factor authentication): SMS verifications, email verifications, and Authenticator app support are available.
  • Biometric identification: through fingerprints or facial recognition.
  • 24/7 Support: Customers can contact the Customer Support team via chat or email.
  • Whitelists – Enabling address whitelisting allows you to manage your crypto addresses and further increase the security of your account.
  • Account Alerts – Withdrawal confirmations and login notifications mean keeping complete control over your account.

CCSS Level 3

Nexo is using BitGo’s enterprise solution, which combines Cryptocurrency Security Standard Level 3 to ensure the overall security and resiliency of the business. In addition, sophisticated authentication procedures are used to ensure data validity, and assets are geographically and organizationally dispersed.

Data security and privacy

Personal information is protected behind secure networks and is only available to a few people who are contractually bound to keep the information confidential. This site uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt any sensitive/credit information.

Nexo uses multiple security mechanisms to protect user data when they enter, send or access it.

Accredit security management systems

By adhering to ISO/IEC 27001, Nexo’s security architecture is guaranteed to be safe for all of its customers and investors. Furthermore, due to Nexo’s ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the entire blockchain industry has been raised to a new level of security, thanks to the strictest security rules, impeccable risk assessment, and data protection.

Nexo Wallet

To protect your digital assets, Nexo Wallet has been equipped with military-grade 256-bit encryption, which ensures the security of user funds and transactions.


Step 1: The first step in creating an account is simply going to the top right corner of the Nexo website home page and clicking [Create Account].

Step 2: Before entering your email and password, you should carefully ensure that you are not visiting a phishing website and it is a legitimate site After entering your personal information, please read the Terms and Conditions carefully, check the box and click [ Create Account ].

Step 3: The next step will require you to slide to complete the puzzle.

Step 4: Go to your email account to confirm the email.

Step 5: To complete your account creation, click [Verify Email].

Step 6: After verifying your email, click [continue to your Nexo account]

Continue with your Nexo account. Source:

Step 7: You will be redirected to your Nexus, where you can complete further verification to use all account features. In general, the whole process takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.


In addition to a customer FAQ search on the Nexo Help Center page, customers also have the option of speaking with online customer support, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Users can submit a request, read the FAQ, or read the myriad of support articles to help users.

Users can also initiate a chat and email for any further queries at [email protected]


Nexo clients can also follow the firm on many of its social platforms, including Facebook, Medium, Twitter, Reddit and Telegram.

Aside from that, users can also use YouTube to watch the latest videos related to the platform on their channel. For example, watch platform videos to understand better the concept behind Nexo, how their platform works, how to get a loan, and more.



  • Nexo has never been hacked or breached and is insured up to $375 million.
  • Military-grade security is provided with 256-bit encryption and cutting-edge technology, as well as 24/7 fraud monitoring.
  • It is a fully regulated and audited institution.
  • Users can earn up to 12% APR with Nexo High Yield Savings Accounts
  • The current user interface of the platform is intuitive for beginners and includes a lot of instructional content.
  • Nexo provides a card that allows users to make payments the same way they would with a standard debit or credit card while receiving 2% cashback.
  • Nexo offers a robust application that simplifies account management.
  • Instant crypto loans are provided to select 40+ fiat currencies or borrow with USDT or USDC.


  • To take advantage of the best rates, users must own NEXO tokens.
  • Borrowing during bear markets carries a risk of loss.


Overall, the Nexo platform has a wealth of features to offer its users as the cryptocurrency industry grows and evolves. For example, it allows users to buy, sell, borrow, and earn interest on digital currencies. Moreover, the more Nexo Tokens you own, the greater the opportunity is to earn interest on those tokens.

Also included are a comprehensive referral network, a Nexo card that customers can use both physically and virtually, and a world-class platform that enables seamless utilization for both newcomers and veterans of the crypto space.

Professionals and businesses can also benefit from the Nexo Prime service, which provides access to a large liquidity pool and white-collar customer care and support.

Lastly, the site is very secure, as evidenced by its over 2.5 million members and over $375 million in assets under management, plus a host of security features designed to keep your funds safe for the consumers.

In particular, the firm is subject to numerous audits. It is a fully recognized and regulated financial institution in several countries and holds an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified Information Security Management System, among other accreditations.


Is Nexus safe?

Nexo’s security infrastructure is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. The crypto lender and interest earner is also a fully licensed and regulated digital asset institution and has many other features such as biometric-based identity verification and multi-signature segregated wallets.

Can you earn interest for Nexo?

Yes, with Nexo daily payments, you receive quick access to your earned interest. Your performance is immediately posted to your Nexo account the next day, so you start charging interest on it.

Can you buy cryptocurrencies on Nexo?

Yes, Nexo makes it easy to acquire cryptocurrencies quickly and easily. There are no arduous processes or clunky user interfaces to deal with. Simply create an account, enter your bank card information and make a purchase.

What is Nexus?

Nexo is a fully regulated digital asset institution providing fast crypto loans, daily asset earnings and exchange services in 40+ fiat currencies, 26 cryptocurrencies and 200+ jurisdictions. The platform has more than $13 billion in assets under management and more than 2.5 million users worldwide.

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