New Cardano Lace wallet: how it works and features

The new Cardano Lace wallet will allow users to manage all their crypto assets in one place.

Cardano’s roadmap is now constantly expanding by announcing the launch of its own lightweight portfolio, Cardano Lace.

The portfolio was launched keeping in mind ADA’s ambitious plans, including the launch of the Cardano Vasil hard fork update that is set to attract more users to the platform.

Described as a lightweight wallet by Cardano’s Input-Output (IOHK) development team, the Cardano Lace wallet will serve as a central place for users to store and manage all their crypto assets, including NFTs.

New Cardano Lace wallet: The announcement

According to the official statement, the Cardano lace wallet will include a number of new features. These include the wallet’s ability to interact with multiple blockchains.

Lace is designed to store and manage crypto assets without jeopardizing them or leaving them vulnerable to wallet attacks.

It should be noted that Cardano has previously launched a wallet called Daedelus. Touted as a full node wallet, Daedelus catered to more experienced cryptocurrency users and reportedly consumed significant amounts of energy when syncing with available platforms.

In contrast, the Cardano Lace wallet was developed with the nuances of crypto accessibility in mind. It was created to consume less energy, making the wallet easier to synchronize and accessible to all crypto publics.

Dubbed the “one-stop-shop,” the Lace wallet will also allow users to make transactions and make payments, store and view NFT, delegate the stake, and interact with different DApps from a single wallet app.

New Cardano Lace Wallet Release Date

There is still no official or specific release date for the Cardano Lace wallet.

IOHK’s statement notes that Cardano Lace is still in the early stages of development. It will launch “soon” in a beta version. When this “soon” is exactly, we are not sure.

We will keep this page updated with more information.

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