How to Fix OpenSea Transaction Error

With OpenSea and NFT taking the world by storm, it’s no wonder users are experiencing transaction errors.

OpenSea, the leading NFT market, recently made headlines when the market reported staggering numbers in terms of trading volume that exceeded nearly $5 billion in sales. However, it is not without its problems, with a phishing scam that leads some users to try to disconnect MetaMask from OpenSea.

Due to its popularity, the overwhelming response from users can sometimes make the market paralyzed with the OpenSea website reporting an unusual transaction error.

Let’s see how this annoying error can be solved in a few guided steps.

How To Fix OpenSea Transaction Error

First, you need to check if OpenSea is undergoing routine server maintenance or downtime that could trigger the error when a user tries to access the website. For this purpose, we recommend that you use the OpenSea Status or IsItDownRightNow website.

However, if this is not the case, the user can try some steps mentioned below:

  • Use different desktop browsers and check if the error is resolved.
  • Update your funds on OpenSea by accessing the portfolio icon on the dashboard. Here, click on the drop-down menu to access the “update my fund” option. This can happen when you have insufficient funds in your wallet. Make sure you have enough funds to make an NFT purchase to prevent this error from occurring.
  • Disable your adblocker or VPN as it could be a trigger that prevents users from accessing the website.
  • Connect OpenSea support, if the problem persists.

Why does the OpenSea transaction take so long?

There could be many reasons why your OpenSea transaction is blocked and takes some time to process.

One of the main reasons why OpenSea transactions take some time to process may be the usual network congestion. OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace that facilitates cross-purchases of NFT and serves nearly 2 million users worldwide.

To find an estimate of when the transaction will be processed, OpenSea recommends that users check the transaction details on Etherscan.

Apart from this, please refer to the list mentioned below to resolve the delay in the transaction issue:

  • Clear the cache of the OpenSea and MetaMask app.
  • Use a different web browser for a change
  • Increase your gas tax so that the miner can withdraw your transaction.
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