Neteller account: how to verify that it has been opened

To use a Neteller e-wallet account, you must verify your established Neteller account. Therefore, account verification requires three steps: enter your personal information = > Link debit/credit card and deposit the minimum amount = > verification with legal documents. Here we guide you through the steps.

Access the registration link here to OPEN YOUR NETELLER ACCOUNT and verify your account. If you have already registered, you can skip this step and proceed with verification.

Full registration

Step 1: Prepare the documents.

First, you need your passport/ID/citizen ID for identity verification and bank statement/credit card statement for address verification.

Your statement must contain the following information: Your name + Your address + 6 months from the date of your invoice.

After obtaining all the documents, you fill in the information. Click “Start” to start the account verification process.

Step 2: Enter your personal information.

After being redirected to the interface as shown below, enter your personal information in the required * and hit Next.

Note that the completed address must match 100% of the address on your bank statement.

Step 3: Verify your phone number.

In the next step, you need to verify the phone number by entering the code sent to the phone message is complete. However, for customers who do not receive the code sent via sms phone, you can receive the code by mail by clicking Send code to email.

Step 4: Generate a 6-digit security code.

Like other e-wallets, you need to generate a Secure ID security code, the second level of security of your Neteller account.

Log in to your account, make payments or transfer money using a 6-digit security code.

This code is generated by the user. The code does not change, so you need to write down the security ID code for regular use.

Connect the card and top up the minimum deposit.

Step 1: Link to the card.

Secondly, enter your credit/debit card details to link the card to your Neteller account.

Step 2: Deposit the minimum amount to activate.

The minimum deposit amount is 1.19 usd.

The text “Do you want this money to be available for payment on gambling sites?” Select “No”. Neteller prevents the flow of funds from being used for betting purposes.

Then press “Continue” and enter the OTP code sent to the phone number to receive the code.

Document Verification (Neteller Account Verification)

After the deposit, verify your account with the legal documents prepared above. Click Verify Account to get started.

Step 1: Verify your identity (ID).

You can use the following documents: passport / identity card / citizen identification / driver’s license to verify your identity.

Neteller also offers two ways to check: Faster for mobile apps and Fast for computers. In this tutorial, we choose to use the ID card and Quick to use on the computer.

We also skip the first step of this section, which is to integrate Facebook into your Neteller account because the security of normal Facebook is not high.

Neteller issues a message as an image asking you to use facial recognition technology to verify. Tick “I agree…” to continue.

Then upload a photo of the documents you have prepared from the front = > on the back.

Step 2: Capture faces in real time for identity verification

In the next step, the browser will access the webcam on your computer to identify the face. Click “Start” to get started.

Follow the instructions and put a serious, non-smiling face in the center of the screen. Hit on “I’m ready” to start taking photos and complete.

Step 3: Verify the address.

Next, you upload legal documents that prove the address you entered in the application completion. Neteller continues to offer two options Fastest and Fast. We choose to use Fast on the computer and Bank statement for this tutorial.

After uploading your statement, you have completed the verification of your Neteller account. Document review time starting 24 hours after account verification.

In conclusion, please read the above instructions carefully for quick verification.


You can choose the fastest method when verifying documents, for example in the Neteller app on your phone. It makes verification faster, but you need to have the actual documents ready. For Express mode, you only need a photo of the document.

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