My Neighbor Alice price forecast 2025 and 2030

Metaverses and play-to-earn projects are now the hottest things in the cryptocurrency market, and My Neighbor Alice is one such project that has been making a name for itself lately.

While Defi has dominated cryptocurrency stocks since the launch of popular exchanges and liquidity protocols, it seems that these projects are now being sidelined by those who promise to usher in the new era of Internet 3.0.

And My Neighbor Alice is one such project.

The ideas of a metaverse and a play-to-earn game are actually nothing new and certainly not exclusive to blockchain-based protocols. In fact, Facebook recently renamed Meta, and both it and Microsoft have explored ways to build their own metaverses.

But as with all cryptocurrency trends, as soon as interest in P2E metaverses and games began to grow, so did the number of projects coming to market. While many of these projects place a strong emphasis on interoperability, not all of them will ultimately succeed.

So how can investors know if My Neighbor Alice will prove to be a success? In the following alice price forecast for 2025 and 2030, we’ll take a closer look at the platform and some of its main competitors to find out how it looks like as an investment outlook.

So what is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is an addictive virtual world game developed by Antler Interactive. The project was announced in 2020 and officially launched in 2021. The game is reminiscent of many other so-called builder games as users have to collect resources to build their properties, which in this case are farms. In terms of playability, it is similar to the popular social media game Farmville and in terms of style resembles Nintendo’s hit series, Animal Crossing.

The founder of the project was Anna Norrevik and one of the key goals, in addition to building a fun game, was to bring blockchain to the masses and show that no technical understanding is needed to enjoy cryptocurrency-based games.

Ok, so on the surface, none of this is particularly innovative. So, what exactly distinguishes My Neighbor Alice? As we have noticed, ALICE builds on several existing games and allows users to create and run their own virtual farms. Of course, we’re not going to break down the agrarian economy here, but basically players buy land within the My Neighbor Alice metaverse that they can then use to grow crops, fish, and harvesting. These crops are basically NFT crops, so farmers can sell or exchange their goods with other actors and use the proceeds to buy more goods or expand into new areas of agriculture.

A key element of the game is the purchase of land, which again is done via NFT. The platform’s native cryptocurrency is ALICE, which we will talk about in more detail later.

Is there a market for My Neighbor Alice?

Games like My Neighbor Alice allow users to enter a virtual world where they can create, buy and trade with other players. As we have noted, this is not a new concept. So is the play-to-earn gaming market really ready to support another voice?

Let’s look at some numbers. Outside the cryptocurrency universe, there’s Animal Crossing, whose latest iteration grossed about $2 billion in its first year in March 2021. Then of course there’s Minecraft, which had over 130 million people playing on a monthly basis in 2020.

Then, of course, there are the great cryptocurrency-based metaverse games, the most notable of which is probably Decentraland. Decentraland users actually buy land with which they can build houses, shops or art galleries. A plot of land sold for a record $2.4 million in 2021. Similarly, blockchain projects like Sandbox also offer a world where users can create, trade, and play.

This tells us that there is a high demand for virtual world games, and cryptocurrency, especially NFTs, is the perfect medium for exchange within these worlds. My Neighbor Alice is a refined game that will appeal to traditional players, that is, those without any knowledge of the blockchain. Put simply, users don’t even need to know that the goods they buy and sell in-game are actually some kind of cryptocurrency.

Given that the gaming market is expected to be worth around $256.97 billion by 2025, we believe there is still plenty of room for new entrants.

The token My Neighbor Alice

The ALICE token is the native cryptocurrency of the My Neighbor Alice project. It can be used to purchase in-game items, such as farmland, tools, and customization for your digital avatar. It is also ALICE that players can earn simply by progressing in the game.

In addition to being the currency of the game, users can also earn rewards by pointing their ALICE tokens to help support the system. This also serves to encourage users to hold their tokens, rather than constantly exchanging them, as is the case with most cryptocurrencies. ALICE is also the governance token on the platform, so holders get a vote on proposed changes to the infrastructure.

My Neighbor Alice NFTS

When it comes to buying and selling digital assets in blockchain-based games, what is actually traded is a non-fungible token, in other words, a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. The interesting thing about My Neighbor Alice is that it has a fairly unique collateral system, which means that every time a user buys NFT from the system, a percentage of that price is held in a collateral account pegged to that NFT. This gives the user the possibility to “return” the NFT at the price equivalent to the guarantee.

Another innovative approach that My Neighbor Alice has taken is the possibility of renting NFT. In terms of gaming, this means that users can rent out their farmland or lend/borrow goods. A smart contract is attached to each NFT to ensure that no changes can be made to the original digital asset.

These innovations are proof of My Neighbor Alice’s commitment to providing an accessible blockchain-based game, which does not require its users to have a thorough understanding of how tokens work to enjoy playing.

Looking at My Neighbor Alice’s pricing history

My Neighbor Alice was widely listed for the first time in March 2021 and has since seen some rather chaotic price movements, some in line with the broader cryptocurrency market and others not. The interesting thing about ALICE is that it actually commanded a fairly high price when it first hit the market, trading at around $40.93 in its early days, a figure that remains the token’s all-time high.

Despite some initial interest, ALICE did not keep its price high for long and had fallen to $10.93 just a week later. It rebounded to $16.74 before the end of March before going into sharp decline in the first weeks of April 2021, falling as low as $7.28 before a sudden rise in prices sent ALICE up to $18.21 within a few days.

After the May rise, the token had a downward trend over the next month or so. In mid-June it fell as much as $3.28. However, August saw another bull for Alice and the token rose to $21.13, marking significant month-over-month growth.

ALICE’s next major price increase came in November, with the token rising to $26.97. Since then, however, things have been largely downhill as the entire cryptocurrency market has collapsed more or less continuously in 2022. ALICE hit a low of $6.53 during the market’s first downturn in January and had actually started to recover before the broader market. However, things haven’t been great for the cryptocurrency market since then.

My Neighbor Alice Price Forecasts for 2025

Play-to-earn games will likely be an important part of the blockchain world in the near future, and many have already demonstrated their ability to command huge user bases, not to mention pricing for their NFTs. That said, the video game and cryptocurrency markets are two very different beasts, so how can we assess alice’s potential as an investment?

The answer is by referring to some of the leading analysts in the crypto market. For example, DigitalCoinPrice expects ALICE to gradually recover lost ground and remain on an upward trend in the coming years. It has the token reaching only $2.86 by the end of the year, but by 2025 it is expected to have reached a potential maximum of $4.65, which would mean doubling today’s value.

Meanwhile Coinskid sees a similar trajectory for the future value of alice’s token. It has the altcoin reaching $2.44 by the end of 2022, but it continues to creep in gradually over the next few years. By the end of 2023, alice is expected to have reached $3.94 and by the time 2025 comes, the token could be worth up to $7.99, which would represent a growth of more than 260% of its current trading price.

We also reviewed the price forecast of My Neighbor Alice from TradingBeasts. According to his technical analysis, the token will earn little by the end of 2022, but it could have almost doubled in value by the end of the following year. TradingBeasts therefore believes that ALICE will be worth up to $6.65 in early 2025.

Looking ahead: My Neighbor Alice’s price forecast for 2030

My Neighbor Alice’s price forecasts for 2025 look positive, especially considering the state of the cryptocurrency market at the time of writing. However, investors could look at long-term investment strategies. So what can we expect from ALICE in the run-up to 2030?

If we go back to DigitalCoinPrice, we see that the analyst expects ALICE to continue to rise well beyond 2025. By 2028, it suggests that My Neighbor Alice will trade at a potential maximum of $7.49 and when the decade comes to an end, the token could reach a maximum of $10.33, which would equate to growth of more than 370%.

The final my Neighbor Alice price prediction we looked at was His analysis diverges from many others we’ve seen as he believes ALICE will be trading above $10 before the end of 2025. The token is therefore expected to grow exponentially in the following years, reaching a maximum potential of $63.98 by 2030.

We should point out here that both the cryptocurrency and gaming markets change extremely quickly, making long-term price predictions extremely difficult. There’s no way to know which projects will rival My Neighbor Alice in the coming years, or even whether the game will become particularly popular. Therefore, we advise you to remain cautious when it comes to alice price predictions for 2030.

Conclusion: Should You Invest My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice has all the features of a great video game: it has unique and eye-catching graphics, a virtual world to explore, and it also offers massively multiplayer features. While there are similar games on the market, My Neighbor Alice has actually taken elements of some of the most popular traditional video games and brought them into the blockchain world.

Despite having several competitors, it is worth looking at the video game market to remind ourselves that there have never been limits on how many good games can become popular. For a recent example, look at Fortnite and PUBG, which both offer similar gameplay and both have millions of people playing them.

The price forecasts for ALICE that we referred to all point to growth, which is particularly encouraging considering that the cryptocurrency market is currently in one of its biggest crashes ever. Although these are by no means guaranteed, they tell us that market analysts view the ALICE project favorably.

In any case, play-to-earn games are already catching on in a big way, and the gaming industry, in general, is getting bigger and bigger. The fact that blockchain is the perfect medium for exchanging digital assets means that we are likely to see more and more projects like My Neighbor Alice in the coming years.

Where to invest in cryptocurrency

If you want to invest in My Neighbor Alice – or any other game token – the first thing you’ll need to do is find a broker or exchange that lists the token. The good news is that one of the world’s leading retail trading platforms, eToro, lists ALICE. This means that you can buy and sell the token with confidence knowing that you are using a trusted provider.

eToro also has an award-winning trading platform suitable for both novice and more experienced investors. There is also a wide range of educational materials available on the site so that eToro can actually help you plan your investment portfolio.

Opening an account only takes a few minutes. You will need to check out some details to meet the KYC requirements, but once you do this you will be able to buy and sell ALICE right away.

My Neighbor Alice 2025, 2030 Price Predictions – Frequently Asked Questions

What Is My Neighbor Alice?

My Neighbor Alice is a blockchain-based game where users purchase farmland to grow crops. It is styled popular titles such as Animal Crossing and Farmville and allows users to buy, sell and trade assets via NFT. One of the main goals of the project is to allow players who don’t know anything about cryptocurrency to play.

Is My Neighbor Alice an NFT marketplace?

My Neighbor Alice is a virtual world video game based on agriculture, similar to SIms and the like. However, beneath the surface, it is effectively an NFT marketplace, as all digital assets bought and sold in the game are non-fungible tokens.

How much will My Neighbor Alice be worth in 2025?

No one knows what will happen with the cryptocurrency market in the coming years or if new projects like My Neighbor Alice will become popular. However, the ALICE price forecasts we reviewed all pointed to growth, with some suggesting that the token could be worth $7.99 by 2025.

Where can I buy My Neighbor Alice?

If you want to buy ALICE tokens, we recommend that you take a look at eToro. Not only is it one of the most trusted names in retail trading, but it also has an easy-to-use trading platform and a very competitive fee structure.

Will crypto games take hold?

Internet-based games have become big business in recent years, with titles like Fortnite and Minecraft becoming multimillionaire industries in their own right. When it comes to buying and selling in-game items, NFT and cryptocurrency offer the perfect means to ensure secure transactions, without the need for any in-game-related banking infrastructure. Therefore, we believe that cryptocurrency-based games could become the norm in the near future.

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