MT4: Here’s How to Transfer Funds Between Accounts

In addition to depositing directly from your local bank, e-wallet, credit/debit card through the broker you have registered to fund your trading account, MT4 also allows users to transfer funds between accounts of the same type within the same server for free.

To transfer money between accounts in MT4, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Account in the Navigator window and right-click on the account from which you want to transfer money.

Step 2: Choose Transfer Funds > select the recipient’s account. Then, you fill in the current account and the recipient account (including master password, amount, and OTP authentication if you set it up).

Step 3: Click Transfer.

Once completed, the money will immediately appear in the recipient’s account. Then you can view the transfer history in the “History” tab of the Toolbox window.


There are some restrictions on accounts when transferring money in MT4, such as:

  • You can only transfer funds between currently linked accounts with identical names and emails.
  • Funds can only be transferred between accounts of the same type (from real account to real account, from demo account to demo account) and using the same currency.
  • The amount transferred may not exceed the current balance and the free margin.

It can be said that transferring funds between accounts on MT4 is very simple and fast. It helps investors facilitate transactions on the platform. For the convenience of the user, MT4 offers many other tools and services.

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