MT4 Mobile Custom Indicators: How to Add Them

In forex trading, to be successful you need to support tools such as charts, technical indicators, etc. These technical tools will help you predict future price action and find good opportunities to trade and make trading decisions at the right time. In addition to the indicators provided on mt4 mobile, you can add other custom indicators to improve the efficiency of analysis and trading. This article will show you how to add custom indicators to the MOBILE MT4 platform (iPhone, iPad and Android).

When do I need to install custom indicators?

An indicator is a technical tool that provides crucial market states on a chart and helps predict future price activity.

When trading on MetaTrader 4, you will be provided with several specific indicators pre-installed on the platform. You can use them to perform chart analysis. However, such instruments cannot in many cases meet the needs of all investors. Therefore, you need to know how to accurately add custom indicators from custom sources to meet your needs.

So, how do you add custom indicators to MT4? Is it too complicated to use custom indicators in conjunction with the existing tools on the platform?

MetaTrader is programmed with the MQL4 language that allows you to freely add any MT4 compatible indicator to the platform in less than a minute! In addition, you can install as many indicators as you want to create a new strategy or update an existing one.

In this guide, we’ve thoroughly explained how to add the indicator to all versions of MT4 mobile software, including iPhone (iOS) and Android.

How to add custom indicators to MT4 iPhone?

MT4 does not allow the addition of custom indicators in the iOS version. However, you can still install custom indicators via iPhone or iPad via remote connections to your PC. Specifically, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Device Settings allows you to connect your mobile device to your PC remotely. Then, by connecting to your computer, you will have full access to the desktop version of MT4 and will be able to use custom MQL4 indicators from any iOS device.

The best iOS apps you can use for remote desktop connection are:

  • TeamViewer
  • Remote Desktop
  • LogMeIn Method
  • GoToMyPC
  • JumpDesktop

Step 2: Open MT4 (desktop) > Go to Navigator > double-click Indicators to expand the list of indicators.

Step 3: Double click on the indicator you want to add to the chart and press OK.

This way, you will be able to add and use MQL4 custom indicators in both MT4 and MT5 platforms from your iOS device.

How to add custom indicators to Android MT4?

Like iPhone or iPad, MT4 also does not allow you to add custom indicators to Android devices. To add custom indicators to MT4 on Android, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your Android phone/tablet to your PC using the remote desktop app.

The Android apps you can use to connect to a remote computer are:

  • AnyDesk Remote Control
  • TeamViewer Remote Control
  • Chrome Remote Desktop
  • Remote Desktop 8 (Microsoft)
  • Splashtop Personal Remote PC

Step 2: Click indicators > Go to Customization > Select the custom indicator you want to add to MT4:

Step 3: If necessary, change the custom settings of the indicator in the properties window and click OK.

You will see that the custom indicator has been added to your chart and starts working at the same time.

It can be said that, in perfect trading conditions, you can need one of the indicators available on MT4 and trade on the signals that the indicator gives. However, the reality is that the market always has unexpected fluctuations, so many traders want to look for custom indicators or combine different indicators to get more accurate trading signals.

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