“Invalid Trading Volume” on XM MT4: How to Fix This Error

When using any trading platform, including MT4, users may encounter some unexpected trading errors. At that time, you must first find out the cause and then fix it. One of the typical errors you may encounter when trading on XM MT4 is “Invalid Trading Volume”. So, why does the MT4 screen show this error and what is needed to fix it? Let’s find out in the article below.

What is “Invalid Trading Volume” error?

When trading on the MT4 platform, some people encounter the message “Invalid trading volume”.
This error indicates that you are trading with a volume less than or higher than the broker’s specified volume; therefore, the transaction cannot be executed.

Why am I getting the “Invalid trading volume” error?

Here are some causes of this problem:

  • Each broker has specific volume regulations for each trade opened with certain instruments, as well as XM. Depending on the type of account and when the order is placed, the allowed trading volume will vary. If you place an order with a volume that exceeds these limits, you will receive an “invalid volume” error.
  • Your advisor (EA) may open a trade with a volume higher than the limit set for your instrument or account type. In this case, you will also receive the error “Invalid transaction volume”.
  • You may have set a pending order for a trade whose volume did not match the limits at the time of execution. For example, trading 100 lots of a particular instrument reaches the expected price at night, and at that time, the broker only allows the volume of a transaction to be 20 lots. As a result, the transaction failed and you will receive that message.

How to Fix Mt4 Invalid Trading Volume?

To avoid this problem, please:

  • Check the trading volume limit for each asset before placing an order by right-clicking on the instrument you want to place an order in the Market Watch window on MT4 -> select “Specify” -> “Contract Size”.
  • Place trading orders within the limits set by the broker: To ensure that you place an order with the right trading volume, you can refer to the trading volume policy on the XM website where you open your account.
  • Sets the trading volume on the advisor system (EA) according to the respective settings.

If the problem persists, contact the support team to open an account for further assistance.

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