Moonbag Price Prediction 2024-2030: Is it legit?

Moonbag is an emerging cryptocurrency that is attracting the attention of investors thanks to its unique proposition in the memecoin sector. This article reviews the legitimacy of Moonbag, its investment potential, and how to buy
$MBAG tokens.

Details of the Moonbag Presale

  • Current pre-sale stage: Phase 6
  • Current Price: $0.0003
  • USD raised: $2,971,839.25
  • Listing price: $0.003
  • Completion of the presale: 60%
  • Remaining meters: 211,442,746 out of 231,590,000 Meters (100 MBAG = 1 Meter)
  • Is Moonbag legit?

    Evaluation of Legitimacy

    To determine the legitimacy of a project, we consider owner information, KYC verification, and contract audit details. The Moonbag contract was audited by SCRL and received KYC certification
    from SCRL itself.

    Results of the SCRL audit

    SCRL’s audit of the Moonbag contract revealed no critical vulnerabilities. However, some low to medium level vulnerabilities were found
    , including:

    • Medium risk: Centralization of the project.
    • Low risks: Public functions to be marked as external where possible and conflicting local variables.

    Aside from these points, the audit found no further issues with the contract.

    Is Moonbag a good investment?

    Moonbag mission

    Moonbag presents itself not only as a memecoin, but as an opportunity to enter a universe where cryptocurrency meets cosmic aspirations. Moonbag’s mission is to transform the memecoin industry by introducing a token that surpasses typical meme projects, aiming to usher in a new
    era of financial empowerment.

    Moonbag strategy

    Moonbag faces common problems in memecoin projects, such as the lack of sufficient liquidity at launch, which often leads to drastic price drops. During the pre-sale phase, Moonbag implements a strategic approach to ensure a robust amount of liquidity. After the initial launch, Moonbag uses a buy-back and burn strategy to increase the value of the token over the next 3-6

    Community and Governance

    Moonbag is committed to maintaining continuous marketing to cultivate a loyal and stable community. By relinquishing control of the smart contract, Moonbag becomes a completely community-driven initiative, giving token holders governance rights to influence the future direction of the

    What is $MBAG?

    $MBAG is the native token of the Moonbag platform. The token distribution is as follows:

    • Staking: 25%
    • Liquidity: 20%
    • Pre-salt: 40%
    • Community Incentives: 5%
    • Benchmark incentives: 5%
    • Team: 5%

    Moonbag Price Prediction: How to Buy the Moonbag Token?

    Moonbag is not yet listed on cryptocurrency exchanges as it is currently in the pre-sale phase. Here are the steps to buy Moonbag tokens

    1. Download Metamask or Trust Wallet and open an account.
    2. Fund the wallet with ETH, BNB or USDT tokens.
    3. Connect the wallet to the Moonbag presale page.
    4. Purchase the MBAG tokens using the funds in the wallet.
    5. Once the pre-sale is over, users can claim their $MBAG.

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