Galaxy Fox (GFOX) Price Prediction 2024-2030: Is It Legit?

Galaxy Fox is an immersive web3 platform that introduces a unique meme coin called Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), along with fascinating NFTs, a user-friendly staking platform, and an exciting ecosystem of play-to-earn games. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Galaxy Fox Ecosystem

The Galaxy Fox ecosystem includes an NFT marketplace, merchandise, and the play-to-earn token.

NFT by Galaxy Fox

Galaxy Fox NFTs represent non-fungible tokens that are unique in the virtual world.

These NFTs can be acquired through challenging missions, cosmic events, or the bustling interstellar marketplace. Once obtained, they integrate perfectly into player profiles, activating breathtaking attribute enhancements. Galaxy Fox’s NFTs allow players to navigate the cosmos gracefully, overcome opponents with heavenly abilities, and unleash explosions of
cosmic power.

Galaxy Fox NFT Marketplace

The Galaxy Fox NFT marketplace is a virtual platform for buying, selling, and exchanging unique Galaxy Fox NFTs. It is a decentralized space where enthusiasts can interact and exchange these extraordinary NFTs linked to the virtual world of
Galaxy Fox.

Play-to-Earn game

At the heart of the Galaxy Fox ecosystem is an immersive play-to-earn game that captures the attention of players around the world. By actively participating in the game, players can accumulate $GFOX tokens and game resources, rewarding their skill and dedication with
a tangible sense of accomplishment.

$GFOX utility

$GFOX is the native token of the Galaxy Fox platform. This token combines play-to-earn mechanics with meme culture. It is used to power the Galaxy Fox ecosystem.

Staking and Rewards

In the Galaxy Fox staking system, users can earn rewards by staking their $GFOX tokens. For each transaction, 2% of Galaxy Fox tokens are allocated to staking rewards. In addition, the token is used as a governance token, allowing $GFOX holders to participate in
voting on the platform.

Deflationary Token

$GFOX is a deflationary token. The platform starts a burning process that gradually reduces the maximum fixed supply of the token, favoring the scarcity of the circulating supply of $GFOX. According to the website, 5,000,000,000 $GFOX tokens will be created.

Price Performance

  • All-Time High: $0.004061 (19 April 2024)
  • All-Time Low: $0.00003295 (10 May 2024)

Legitimacy of GFOX: Summary of the Audit Report

GFox Team Verification

The official Galaxy Fox website mentions the team behind the project, but no verifiable links were found to know the team’s background.

Contract Audit

Crypto Hub audited Galaxy Fox’s contract on Ethereum’s main contract address 0x72b2fd2a6964aaa6233336751996a28a9568a40d. The summary of the audit is as follows:

  • Crypto Hub has verified the source code of the Galaxy Fox contract. The audit confirmed that there was no intermediary between the contract and the blockchain. No mint function was found, which is good since the contract cannot create new tokens.
  • The audit also found that the contract owner cannot change the balance of the tokens in other addresses. The landlord cannot destroy the contract and there is no hidden owner. In addition, the contract does not make calls to other contracts.

Identified Risks

The audit identified two risks associated with the contract, known as Honeypot Risk. It was not possible to verify if a suspendable code was included in the contract, which means that the trading function could be suspended by the owner. In addition, the contract owner may have the authority to change the transaction tax. If the transaction tax had increased to more than 49%, the tokens could not be exchanged.

Crypto Hub Final Feedback

The source code of the Galaxy Fox smart contract has a low risk severity. Galaxy Fox has passed the smart contract audit. Galaxy Fox’s smart contract is KYC verified

Tokenomics by $GFOX

  • Total Supply: 5 billion tokens
    • Team Token (5%): 250,000,000
    • Ecosystem (10%): 500,000,000
    • Liquidity Pool (10%): 500,000,000
    • Competitions and Prizes (5%): 250,000,000
    • Public Sales (70%): 3,500,000,000

GFOX Price Prediction: Roadmap

Phase 1 (Completed)

  • Create the whitepaper
  • Token Audit
  • Active website
  • Active presale

Phase 2

  • Influencer campaign
  • Marketing teaser
  • Prizes and giveaways for competitions

Phase 3

  • Greater media push
  • Treasure configuration

Phase 4

  • Game teaser
  • Bridge to other blockchains

Phase 5

  • Launch of merchandising
  • Test the beta version of the game
  • Introducing new characters

Phase 6

  • Announcement of additional partnerships
  • Launch of the game
  • Launch on Uniswap


While Galaxy Fox may represent an attractive investment opportunity thanks to its innovative combination of staking and blockchain technology, it’s essential to conduct a thorough analysis before investing. Information about cryptocurrencies in presale is often limited and uncertain. Many recent presales turned out to be scams or collapsed shortly after the launch. We recommend that you consult a registered financial advisor to guide your financial decisions.


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