The poker business is booming, and every day, millions of players visit poker sites to play cash games. The prize pool is impressively high, as is the commitment to online poker. However, it is vital to read poker reviews of online poker sites or casinos offering the game before playing.

CoinPoker is an online poker site that allows players to fund their accounts using Bitcoin, resulting in greater security and anonymity.

CoinPoker is an excellent website for poker enthusiasts to play online poker for cash with no KYC required and significant promotions and accumulated prizes. Read our CoinPoker review to find out more.

If you believe in the jackpot games and tournaments offered by casino websites, reading website reviews is vital. For players, this CoinPoker review provides full details about the software, prizes, free games such as cosmic spins, free spins, wagering requirements, community contributions, security, welcome bonus, referral program, card games, registration process and other aspects of the casino website.

CoinPoker is a cryptocurrency-based online poker site with strong community contributions that uses CHP as its native currency and receives good traffic. The site started with play money or prize pools in 2017 and then transitioned to real money in 2018. The platform employs Blockchain technology to provide security, transparency and randomisation, helping to address any potential concerns with unfair gambling. Experts review these features positively.

CoinPoker users use CHP tokens to deposit, withdraw and place bets, backed by cryptocurrency transactions. A fully decentralised random number generator will provide participants with the ability to monitor its effect on card shuffling, as well as making transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain easier and more secure.

The poker room is a lesson in simplicity, with very little clutter typical of online poker rooms hosting major poker events. The online poker sites retain several popular features, such as a four-colour deck, a hand player and configurable tables.

Many of the new online poker sites designed by cryptocurrencies are being set up with an anti-fraud system. CoinPoker is certainly one of the most attractive options. This is the reason why every CoinPoker review is positive, and players sign up to play CoinPoker without a price, but with good payouts. Players or customers who enjoy tournament play also prefer to take advantage without paying any fees.

CoinPoker is much more than just a concept; development of the service is complete, the minimum viable product (MVP) is ready for testing, and the company is now preparing to launch a post-ICO with plans to further expand the programme and provide immediate advantages to CHP purchasers in terms of promotion for winners.

CHP was initially included on Allcoin in February and was subsequently added to HitBTC, Kucoin and YoBit, among other prominent exchanges. CoinPoker wants to contribute to the resurgence of online poker by establishing a new global ecosystem driven by cryptocurrency players and enthusiasts.

Yes, CoinPoker is a legitimate cryptocurrency casino. Its legitimacy is one of the reasons why it is on blockchain and is governed by smart contracts, and has strong contributions to the community. In addition, there are other security measures in place for the safety of using the CoinPoker platform.

The CoinPoker website is designed to meet all user’s browsing expectations. One can easily access different features, from easy registration and deposits to easy withdrawals and other CoinPoker offers. Join the CoinPoker community for more fun.

Players using CoinPoker can enjoy some of the best features the site has to offer. Poker sites like CoinPoker offer features that make playing easy and engaging. Some of the features are: –

Decentralised card shuffling
Earlier this year, the poker room launched its decentralised random number generation (RNG) software, solving one of the most common problems in crypto gambling: transparency. Participants have always been suspicious of the online card shuffling process, and the lack of interest from major industry players in individual player concerns adds to their distrust.

CoinPoker aims to be the first poker platform, and specifically crypto poker platform, to provide a small community of players with the information they want about the inner workings of the card shuffling software. The innovative RNG module is difficult to reverse engineer, as it uses the same cryptographic hash function as the Ethereum network (KECCAK-256).

CoinPoker Rakeback
Rakeback is the process of winning back a portion of money. When players play a hand, CoinPoker takes a small part of the pot (rake). Every day, the website tracks players’ success at the Hold’em, PLO and OFC tables, as well as their participation in tournaments and Spin & Go, and on Mondays, CoinPoker pays out 20% Rakeback in CHP.

CHP Currency
The CoinPoker token/coin, also known as Chips or CHP, is a cryptocurrency based on Ethereum or CoinPoker economy. CHP will be divided into 18 decimal places, like ETH, and will be transferred to other currencies. However, transferring fiat currency to CHP is quite complicated.

All transactions must be made in CHP, giving players from all over the world access to in-game cash and putting everyone on a level playing field. To play poker on the website, CHP is the only way; early investors who bought coins during the ICO will see their investment grow in value as demand for the coins grows.

Become an affiliate
Users can join the poker industry revolution by signing up as an affiliate partner. If more players join, bigger rewards are expected.

Has Decentralized Shuffle to use the Random Number Generator.
You will receive 30% of community contributions from referrals.
Every Monday, you receive a share of the money collected by the platform.
There are around 15 bet sports and other games.
There are no withdrawal and deposit fees.

There are currently very few members on CoinPoker.
Old Bitcoin addresses are the only ones that are supported.

One of the unique things about the CoinPoker website and the registration process is that poker players do not have to provide bank or credit card information.

After opening an account and submitting all information, you will receive a verification email. You can choose between a phone number verification, where you receive a code via SMS at the beginning, or a third-party KYC software called Civic, which you install and then scan a barcode to complete your account setup. Rather than revealing private details to vendors, KYC is best to make it clear that the player or member is not a bot.

New players should have a nickname on the CoinPoker website, which will also help hide the real name.

After completing the verification process, the only thing left to do before hitting the tables is to deposit money into your poker account. If you have any problems, the platform encourages you to contact their support staff via email or even join their Telegram channel, even if it’s just to chat with other players. As registered members, poker players are entitled to receive all the benefits of the crypto world of poker, including access to the latest poker news.

CoinPoker has a sportsbook in addition to poker. Since its inception, the bookmaker has covered 15 sports, including pre-match and in-play markets, the bad beat jackpot, cosmic spins, the Asian poker tour, competitive odds, and major football and basketball leagues. Currently, CoinPoker offers No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, so there is not much diversity of games there. Read the game review before playing and learn about the prizes offered and the traffic they receive.

Some of the games available are:
Omaha Hold’Em Poker
Pot Limit Omaha hold ’em is also called “Omaha hold ’em” or simply “Omaha”. It is a type of community card poker game that is comparable to Texas hold’em in terms of gameplay. In this community card poker game, each participant is dealt a four-card hand with a series of big blinds.

Each player must play their best hand using only a few of their hole cards and three of the five community cards on the table for the qualifying combination.

Short Deck Poker
A variation of the famous Texas Hold ’em poker game is short deck poker. In certain circles, it is also known as “six-plus hold ’em”. Short Deck Poker is a community card poker game in which all 2 to 5 playing cards are removed from the deck, and participants are dealt a hand of a pair of face-down cards. The objective is to build the best possible five-card hand by mixing three community cards or community masks with the pocket pair of two.

Bad Beat Jackpot
When a hand is beaten by a better hand, the Bad Beat Jackpot is triggered. At least three players must be dealt at the start of the hand to trigger the jackpot, and must use their two pocket cards to complete the winning combination. A portion of the rake collected at the cash tables will be used to increase the jackpot, helping players.

Texas Hold’Em Poker
At CoinPoker, you can play this popular community card poker game. In this game, participants are dealt two cards face down, with five community cards face up accessible in three phases. Each poker player aims to make the best possible five-card poker hand with the two hole cards originally dealt to enter the winning table in the CoinPoker lobby.

You can receive the best sportsbooks, football betting and Bitcoin sports betting on Bitcoin bonus when you use CoinPoker’s crypto sports betting option. Betting on your favourite teams has never been easier, faster or safer. Players can bet on most major sports and events, from Champions League football and lower-level professional hockey leagues to e-sports, the NBA and American football.

You can select from over 15 different sports, as well as major football and basketball leagues. In addition, pre-match and in-play markets are available. Players can also look for an all-cash table qualification process while participating in Bad Beat Jackpot or any other casino game.

At CoinPoker, cash games are limited to Hold’em and PLO, with relatively evenly distributed traffic. The total betting stakes available are rom .25/.50 CHP to 200/400 CHP. The conversion rate fluctuates; sometimes it equates to 200/400 CHP, which equates to around $15/$30 USD. Therefore, there are no big betting stakes on the site.
It is worth noting that most of the activity on CoinPoker comes from tournaments, where there are several freerolls to enter and start playing.

Like any other poker site that offers cryptographic payment methods, players using CoinPoker can skip the bank transfer. Instead, they can use a cryptocurrency wallet, including the official Ethereum wallet called Mist. Players must use the ETH wallet for the CHP-compatible payment method.

Deposit methods
Players can send the required amount of BTC, ETH or CHP from their wallet to their account on the site for deposit purposes and play cryptocurrency poker. The programme also advises against sending money directly from an exchange, as it will not work, resulting in the loss of your money. With the exception of BTC, which can take a few hours to get the required confirmation, all deposits are immediate.
When making the initial deposit, the site will ask for the wallet number. Since this wallet is permanently associated with your account, you will be able to fund your CoinPoker account exclusively from that wallet. If you change your wallet for any reason, this can be reset, but only after going through the appropriate processes with the help of your customer support team.

Withdrawal methods
Bitcoin withdrawals, on the other hand, are a bit different: first of all, the minimum withdrawal amount is CHP 1,000. When converting CHP to BTC, players will also have to pay a transaction fee. You must also give an old BTC address starting with 1; new formats will not be accepted. The withdrawal procedure takes longer due to Bitcoin restrictions rather than anything the platform can do.

Although CoinPoker offers, like other sites, typical incentives such as VIP points or Rakeback offers, the website mentioned that 15% of the total ICO (initial coin offering) would be given back to the community through promotions and bonuses. Download the app and claim the 1000 CHP welcome bonus and other promotions.

Weekly prize pool
Over USDT 3,000 in weekly prizes are divided into three leaderboards: No Limit Hold’Em (NLHE), Omaha poker (PLO) and Multi-Table Tournament (MTT). Each week, 150 participants compete for one piece of prize money.

Referral Program
In the Cashier menu of the account section, there is a referral link. Players can share the same among friends to earn rewards as part of the referral programme. Share it with as many friends as you like, with a minimum of two before the incentives start flowing, and you’ll earn 30% and leaderboard points from their total contributions to the community.

With over 300 participant events occurring every 15 minutes, CoinPoker hosts multi-table tournaments. The fact that many of the top crypto games provide a free first buy-in with an optional CHP rebuy is one of the reasons behind the high participation in CoinPoker events.

Both players and the site benefit from Freeroll tournaments, which CoinPoker refers to as “free buy-in” events. First, they give players a chance to win a free CHP to get them started on the platform. Freerolls aid in the growth of CoinPoker’s player base and the distribution of CHP.

One of the betting requirements at CoinPoker is to have a verified account. Individual betting is available on in-play items, and odds are guaranteed after the bet is confirmed. CoinPoker reserves the right to change the odds on the items provided. In any case, even if a modification is made later, you keep the odds of your actual betting. It will allow players to enjoy all the betting features.

The CoinPoker app is available on all platforms. It runs natively on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android mobile devices. With the CoinPoker mobile app, you can play online poker whenever you want, wherever you are. Players will also receive the latest poker news to keep them up to date, including the initial buy-in on or about the gaming site.

Sites like CoinPoker are concerned about user security. CoinPoker addresses issues such as cheating and hacking by adding a Blockchain-based random number generator that serves as decentralised card shuffling software. To ensure the shuffling is as fair as possible, all players at the table submit the input used by the software to calculate the final shuffle value.

In the case of personal accounts, players can only deposit and withdraw using a single personal wallet which ensures that the money belongs only to the players. CoinPoker has instituted a fair system to prevent unethical or automated gambling. The currency for playing or gambling with cryptocurrencies is also safe from hacking.

CoinPoker has a dedicated email address for customer support and a Telegram channel where you can meet and talk to other players for legal advice. There is no live chat function, nor are there phone numbers to contact support, but they do have a FAQ section for users to resolve queries.

You must first download the Software and create an account to use the CoinPoker Services. When registering as a User of the CoinPoker Service, you must submit accurate, current and complete personal information. To use CoinPoker services and benefits such as promotions, bonuses, a Player must not have more than one Account to win a cash prize. In the case of multiple accounts, all accounts will be deleted. When using the CoinPoker Services, you are strictly prohibited from uploading inappropriate content that CoinPoker Employees deem unlawful, obscene, defamatory or illegal.

The crypto poker business has been working for years to make poker rooms accessible and safe for players around the world. CoinPoker is trying to address the problems the market is experiencing. With valuable community input, CHP currency, good traffic, games that include bad beat jackpots, cosmic spins and other aspects covered in this CoinPoker review gives a reason to gamble using this site. So, while cryptocurrencies and poker seem to be an excellent combination, there is no guarantee of success with any ICO.

Is CoinPoker safe?
Yes, the CoinPoker website for gambling is safe and legitimate.

Is CoinPoker legal?
It is a completely legal website. However, to use it in the respective country, you must check if it falls within the jurisdiction.

How does CoinPoker work?
CoinPoker uses the CHP cryptocurrency, which is based on Ethereum. CoinPoker’s play money is CHP, which is both a full-featured virtual currency and a full-featured virtual currency. CoinPoker’s software is based on Blockchain technology, with smart contracts handling deposits and withdrawals.

How secure is CoinPoker?
Yes, CoinPoker is a legitimate company. The management staff seems to be open to incorporating player feedback into their goals and is dedicated to resolving any issues consumers may have. Traffic is high enough to make it to one of the top betting sites.

How do I deposit money with CoinPoker?
By using funds in your bank account, buy USDT, BTC or ETH.
Make a personal crypto wallet and deposit your funds there.
You can fund your CoinPoker account with USDT, CHP, BTC or ETH from your personal crypto account.
How to withdraw money from CoinPoker?
If your wallet is valid, log in to the CoinPoker app and tap the wallet icon to access the deposit and withdrawal options. Select Withdraw from the drop-down menu. There will be an option to choose ETH along with CHP.

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