Incentives for installing LPG and methane systems in cars: how they work

From 1 July 2024, it is possible to book Ecobonus incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems in cars. These incentives, called “Ecobonus – Retrofit 2024”, offer contributions ranging from 400 to 800 euros for the installation of new LPG or methane systems on approved M1 category vehicles

In this guide, we explain how incentives work, who they are entitled to and how to request them.

What are incentives for installing LPG and CNG systems for cars

The incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems are economic contributions dedicated to those who intend to install bifuel fuel systems (LPG or methane) on gasoline or diesel cars up to euro 4. The contributions amount to 400 euros for LPG plants and 800 euros for natural gas

These incentives are part of the 2024 car incentives introduced by the Ecobonus auto decree 2024, published in the Official Gazette on 25 May 2024, and governed in detail by the executive decree of 3 June 2024.

How to apply for the LPG or CNG bonus for cars

People interested in applying for the Ecobonus – Retrofit should contact the installers directly, i.e. the workshops, who provide the discount to those who want to transform their car into LPG or methane. Installers must first book the incentive through the Ecobonus platform, starting from 19 June 2024, and then apply the discount to customers

How do incentives for LPG and methane plants work

The incentives are first granted to installers who carry out the mechanical repair of vehicles and, subsequently, transferred to those who install the system. The measure takes the form of a discount for the final consumer on the system and its installation. Here are the steps:

  1. The installers book the incentive.
  2. The customer chooses to install an LPG or natural gas fuel system at an authorized installer.
  3. The installer applies a discount of 400 or 800 euros on the price of the system and its installation.
  4. The customer pays the reduced price.
  5. The installer recovers the contribution from the company building or importing the plant.
  6. The construction company or importer recovers the reimbursed amounts through a tax credit, which can be used in compensation through the electronic services of the Revenue Agency.

Incentive access requirements

The bonuses for converting to LPG and methane are due to individuals who install a factory-new gas supply system on a car for private use. The vehicles must be approved category M1, in a class not lower than euro 4. In addition, they must meet the following conditions:

  • At the date of installation, the vehicle must not already be approved as being powered by LPG, methane or dual fuel.
  • The system must be factory new and complete with all its components.
  • The invoice must indicate the discount applied thanks to the state contribution.

Amount of incentives

The incentives for converting cars into LPG or methane are:

  • 400 euros for the installation of LPG fuel systems.
  • 800 euros for the installation of methane fuel systems.

When do 2024 car incentives take effect

From 10:00 a.m. on July 1, 2024, it is possible to book contributions for the purchase and installation of LPG or methane fuel systems on category M1 vehicles with an environmental class not lower than euro 4. The incentives are promoted by the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and managed by Invitalia

Available resources

The resources allocated to incentives for the installation of LPG and methane systems for cars amount to about 10 million euros. The distribution of resources is as follows:

  • 60% for natural gas plants.
  • 40% for LPG systems.

Incentives for installing LPG and natural gas plants provide a significant opportunity to reduce vehicle conversion costs and contribute to a cleaner environment. For more details, it is possible to consult the directorial decree of June 3, 2024 and the Prime Ministerial Decree of May 20
, 2024.

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