Inguilty Arrears Fund 2024: calls for tenders and rent contribution request

The Innocent Delinquent Fund 2024 provides an economic contribution for citizens who are struggling to pay their rent. In this guide, we explain what it is, who is entitled to it and how to
request it.

What is the Innocent Delinquent Fund

The Innocent Delinquent Fund 2024 is a contribution to support income that helps those who are unable to pay the rent due to economic difficulties that have occurred.

This fund is designed to protect both renters and property owners

Guilty arrears occur when a tenant fails to pay their rent due to circumstances beyond their control, such as the loss of a job or a significant reduction in income. The fund, established by Decree-Law 102 of 31 August 2013 and confirmed in 2024, is managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) through local authorities, in particular municipalities

Requirements for accessing the contribution

The resources of the Fund for Innocent Arrears are due to tenants who meet the following requirements:

  • Italian citizenship, of a state of the European Union or of a non-EU state with a regular residence permit.
  • ISEE value not exceeding 26,000 euros.
  • recipients of an eviction notice for arrears.
  • ownership of a rental agreement for regularly registered residential real estate units (excluding properties in the A1, A8 and A9 cadastral categories).
  • residence in the accommodation subject to the issuance procedure for at least one year.

Preferential criteria for granting the contribution include the presence in the family unit of at least one component over seventy years of age, a minor, with an established disability equal to or greater than 74%, or in charge of social services or local health authorities for a welfare project.

Assessment of the default condition

The condition of innocent arrears can result from various causes, including:

  • loss of work due to dismissal.
  • company or trade union agreements with a significant reduction in working hours.
  • ordinary or extraordinary layoffs.
  • failure to renew atypical fixed-term or employment contracts.
  • cessation of freelance or business activities due to force majeure.
  • serious illness, accident or death of a member of the household that significantly reduces income.

How to apply

To access the subsidies of the Guilty Delinquent Fund, citizens must participate in the announcement published by the Municipality of residence by submitting a specific application for a contribution. It is necessary to check the details, deadlines and deadlines for submitting the application to your Municipality. Some municipalities make the announcement available on their website.

Operation of the Innocent Delinquent Fund

The aid is provided as an economic contribution intended exclusively for the payment of the rent. Citizens must apply to their municipality of residence, since the fund’s resources are distributed annually to municipal administrations
by MIT.

Amount of contribution

The maximum amount of the contribution is 12,000 euros per beneficiary, within the limit of the resources available for each region. Municipalities may decide to provide lower individual amounts, but not higher

Other help for those who rent

There are other benefits for those who rent, such as tax deductions that can be obtained with the presentation of the 730 model of 2024.


  • Decree-Law 102 of 31 August 2013, converted with amendments by Law 124 of 2013.
  • Decree of 30 July 2021, published in the Official Gazette General Series No. 228 of 23-09-2021.

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