How to withdraw funds from

On, you can easily withdraw money to your bank account, Visa/Mastercard, E-wallet and Momo, etc., at any time. To withdraw from, try these steps below:

How to withdraw money from

1 After logging into your account, click “Live” on the top right corner of the screen and select “Withdraw Funds”.

Note: If you have multiple real accounts, carefully select the account you want to withdraw to avoid mistakes.

Arabic number Your bank account that you made a deposit before will appear on the screen. For convenience and quick withdrawal, click on it and enter the amount of money. Then click the “Withdraw” button to continue.

Then you have completed the withdrawal. Then your withdrawal request will be under review by the team. To view the status of the withdrawal order, click on ‘Reports’ -> ‘Transactions’.

Or cancel it by clicking on “Deposit” – > “Cancel Pending Withdrawal”.

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