How to transfer money between accounts from mobile

How to transfer money between accounts on your mobile phone. allows you to open several trading accounts with the same user ID. More specifically, you can easily transfer money between accounts. This article will guide you step by step in detail.

When to transfer funds between accounts

There are several reasons why you may need to transfer funds between trading accounts:

  • When you open multiple trading accounts on the same user ID, you don’t want to deposit more money from the bank account.

    You will need to transfer the funds available in one trading account to the other accounts.

  • When you want to delete a trading account, you must first transfer all the money in that account to the main account.
  • You want to transfer the profits from your trading accounts to another trading account.
  • Deposit the total money 1 time to the main account. Then you want to distribute it to other accounts according to the original plan.

The advantages of the internal transfer function in

  • Just like with deposits or withdrawals, there are no transaction fees for transferring funds between accounts.
  • Operations are carried out and quickly with just a few buttons.
  • After the operation, the money from the transfer account will immediately appear in the receiving account without any waiting time.

How to transfer money between accounts on your mobile phone.

To transfer money between accounts, do the following:

Step 1: Log in to your account. If you do not have an account, please register at the link:

Step 2: Click on the [Account] tab

Step 3: Select [My Accounts]

Step 4: Click [Transfer] on the toolbar.

Step 5: Enter the amount and click [Transfer]

the phone screen will display a successful transfer on the screen. Click [OK] to confirm.

When you return to the [My Accounts] window, you will see that the amount you just transferred is displayed in the receiving account.

Above are instructions for transferring money between accounts on mobile phones. You may find it convenient, fast and free to transfer money. With this feature, traders can easily manage capital and build investment strategies between accounts without opening more accounts and making more deposits as on other exchanges.

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How to transfer money between accounts on

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