How to Play and Mine Notcoin: Detailed Guide

Notcoin is a new gaming memecoin and a Telegram bot app that is rapidly gaining popularity in the crypto community. In this application, users can earn coins by simply touching the screen. Participating in the game does not require financial investments, making it accessible to everyone

Despite the enthusiasm of users who hope to be able to withdraw the coins from Telegram or sell them on cryptocurrency exchanges, currently Notcoin is not yet available on any exchange platform.

The founders of Notcoin announced a future airdrop, but specific details have not yet been
made public.

What is Notcoin and How to Start Playing

Registration and First Access

To start playing Notcoin, you need to register through the Telegram bot:

  1. Open the bot link in the Telegram app.
  2. Click ‘Start’ to start the bot.
  3. Upon registration, you will receive 2,500 NOT starting, or 500,000 NOT if you have Telegram Premium.

Game Mechanics

The Notcoin game is based on a ‘tap-2-earn’ mechanism, where every tap on the Notcoin icon in the center of the screen allows you to ‘mine’ new coins for your profile. Each click initially earns 1 NOT, and the maximum number of Notcoins you can “mine” in a session is initially limited to 1,000 coins. This limit may increase depending on the features available.

During the game, a rocket may appear, activating a turbo mode that significantly increases the number of coins per touch without consuming energy.

Additional Features: Boost

Available Boost Types

The game offers various boosts that can be purchased with the NOTs earned to improve your performance:

  • Energy Limit: Increase the maximum energy level.
  • Speed Booster: Accelerates energy recovery.
  • Multitap: Increase the number of coins earned per tap.
  • Auto-tap Bot: Automatically mine coins even when you’re busy or at rest.

Using Boosts

Buying a boost automatically deducts the cost from your current Notcoin balance and the boost is immediately activated. With each new purchase, the cost of boosts increases, requiring more funds to activate them

Every day, users receive unique bonuses such as:

  • Rockets: They launch a rocket that provides temporary access to additional NOTs.
  • Full Energy: Recharge energy.

Alternative Ways to Earn Notcoin

In addition to mining, you can increase your Notcoin earnings using the ‘Earn’ function, which offers rewards for completing simple tasks such as inviting friends to join the game, joining a team, or reaching various levels, such as joining the Silver League or activating Telegram Premium.

Task categories

The tasks in the ‘Earn’ section are divided into three main categories:

  • Onboarding: Rewards for using the referral function, including joining a gaming team or inviting friends to play Notcoin.
  • Specials: Unique challenges that offer rewards for achieving important goals, owning specific NFTs, or interacting with related projects.
  • Web3 World: Rewards for interacting with the Web3 ecosystem on the TON platform.

Notcoin Leagues and Rankings

The leagues and rankings are used to track progress in Notcoin mining. Each league has a number of points to exceed in order to move to the next league. There are five leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond. Points are awarded for each coin earned by clicking.

What is a Team in Notcoin?

A team is a collection of players and communities within the game. Any public channel or chat on Telegram can become a team. The teams compete against each other, having their own internal rankings. For every Notcoin mined, your team earns 1 point

How to Create or Join a Team

Teams are automatically formed channels and public chats on Telegram. To join a team, follow these steps

  1. Do you go to the bot through the link? start=joinsquad
  2. .

  3. Send a link to the channel or chat you want to join.


  1. In the game, click on the “Join Squad” button at the top of the screen.
  2. Select one of the available teams or click “Join another squad” to send a link to a public channel or chat.
  3. Join the selected team and return to the game.

You can also join a team through the ranking by clicking on the team you are interested in and selecting the ‘Join’ button.

Invite Friends and Earn More Coins

On the main screen, under the coin, click on ‘Friends’ (Frens), then on ‘Invite a friend’, choose who to invite on Telegram or copy the invitation link and share it on your social networks. If the user doesn’t have Telegram Premium, both of you will receive a bonus of 2,500 Notcoins. If the user has Telegram Premium, you will receive 50,000 Notcoins each. For each of your friends’ progress to the next league, you will receive additional bonuses

Currently, the future of the project is uncertain. Every post on their X account raises the question: “What will our path be? Nobody can predict it.” As long as you use the service for free, you don’t lose anything and you have the opportunity to earn millions of coins without much effort. However, it remains to be seen if the coin will have value in the future and what its price will be.

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