How to get verified on OpenSea

Getting verified on OpenSea ensures sustained support and attention from the community.

As OpenSea continues to dominate the NFT space, new owners and projects are wondering how to get verification on OpenSea.

With OpenSea recently announcing its support for Solana NFT, the main NFT market is now filled with new NFT projects that are queuing up for onboarding new users.

Here’s how you can get your NFTs verified by the openSea team.

How to get collection verification on OpenSea

Getting verified on OpenSea is an important business for many new projects. It reports that the project has been verified by the openSea team and, as such, can be trusted by the NFT community.

By getting verified, an NFT project gets its blue checkmark badge on OpenSea. This means that a particular project is authentic and safe for further exchange. It also ensures that potential buyers have additional protection from scams that try to replicate and deceive them.

Before requesting verification, be sure to link a Twitter account to the collection, as well as coin/reveal all items. OpenSea also calls for a “certification by the creator of the collection that the work is original.”

The collection must also have 100 ETH in the trading volume.

To get your NFT verified on OpenSea, a user must:

  • Press the Edit button on your collection.
  • Choose the Request a collection badge option and select Request a badge.

A member of the customer support team will then check the application and respond within seven days.

How to get your profile verified on OpenSea

However, it’s not just projects that want to be verified. Users can also request verification, albeit with some specific requirements. If you are a noteworthy OpenSea user – whether because of your following or something else – or you are responsible to others trying to use your identity, you will have a better chance of being verified.

Before requesting verification, you’ll need to make sure your account has a username, profile picture, verified email address, and a linked Twitter account. You will also need to have traded NFT on the platform.

To apply, you must:

  • Go to your profile settings.
  • Select the Require verification option and make sure all check marks are checked.
  • Press Send Request.

And that’s it! A member of the customer support team will then review the request and get back to you with the decision in 7 days. Once verified, the username, profile address, and details will be blocked for security reasons and can only be changed when the user contacts the OpenSea team again.

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