How to delete Your Binance Account

Are you wondering how to delete your Binance Account like a pro? It’s pretty simple.

If Binance’s initiatives like Binance Learn and Earn and Binance’s new ads aren’t enough to keep you around, or you just want to transfer from Binance to Coinbase, Binance makes it pretty easy to delete your account.

Just like deleting a Coinbase account, deleting Binance’s crypto account is certainly not rocket science.

So, here’s how to do it.

How to delete Your Binance Account

The diverse interest of users and volatile trends in cryptocurrencies have prompted customers to explore alternative cryptocurrency exchanges. Whether due to new Coinbase listings, a switch to crypto wallets, or for any other reason, some Binance users may eventually want to delete their Binance account.

So, here’s how to delete your Binance account.

  • Go to the Official Binance app or website.
  • Log in to the app/website using your credentials.
  • Click Security Settings.
  • Scroll down the security page and click Account Activity
  • You will be presented with two options: whether to delete your account permanently or disable it temporarily.
  • If you can’t click on the Delete your account option, this means that you may have some funds in your Binance account that need to be moved to another source before starting the process of deleting your account. You should first withdraw your money from Binance before you start.
  • Once completed, click Delete your account to permanently delete your account from the binance data system.

And that’s it! Your Binance account has been deleted. Of course, we strongly recommend that you make sure that you want to delete your Binance account before doing so since, like many deletions, it is permanent.

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