How do Agea contributions work?

Agea (Agency for Agricultural Disbursements) is an agency of the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies that deals with providing funding to farmers. One of these forms of funding are Agea contributions

Agea contributions are non-repayable loans provided in favor of investment projects in agriculture or in activities related to it. These contributions are aimed at both new young farmers and those already established

In order to access Agea contributions, farmers must submit an application for funding by filling out the form available on the Agea website.

In the form, all the data relating to your activity, the type of project that you intend to carry out and the expected expenditure must be provided. In addition, the application must be accompanied by all the documents requested by
the agency.

Once the application has been submitted, Agea verifies the completeness of the data and the compliance of the project with current legislation. Subsequently, the agency evaluates the financial coverage and the priority of the project based on a series of criteria, including environmental sustainability and job creation.

If the request for funding is approved, Agea disburses the non-repayable contribution, that is, without the need for a refund, within 120 days from the date of approval. The contribution will be provided on the basis of the costs actually incurred for the implementation of the project, which must be duly documented

In conclusion, the Agea contributions represent an important support for farmers who intend to invest in their business or in activities related to it. The procedure for accessing Agea contributions is rather simple and can be done directly from the agency’s website. However, it is essential to carefully inform yourself about the requirements and how to fill out the application in order to submit a complete and well-documented request

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