in (Forex) token price forecast 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030

In integrating Forex with blockchain technology, project that launches the global decentralized finance forex (FX) protocol.’s main utility is the decentralized multi-currency stablecoin protocol that gives access to borrowing different stable-value tokens. The platform will offer multiple ranges of alternative currencies by following fx tage before the token name for, such as fxAUD, FxUSD and more. hence, with this protocol the user can borrow local currency and also reduce FX risk along with improving the accounting experience.

Platform dashboard will display wallet along with vault management option and transaction history summary. under the conversion feature the user can convert their stablecoins into a range of fxtoken. Once the project is live, the user can connect web3 wallets and can convert tokens on Ethereum and the Polygon blockchain network.

Collateral optimization will be a key feature of the project, where the protocol itself will take control over the treasury program which will help generate an additional return on the user’s investment. efficient liquidations will maintain liquidation while maintaining c-ratios, where only required collateral will be sold. Each user will earn governed tokens for their contribution to the liquidity and stability of the ecosystem.

How to earn Forex Token Reward?

  1. Join Official Discord: Handle_fi
  2. Invite friends to join the PIE program
  3. Submit the Whitelist form to participate in TGE. token price prediction have the potential to reach 30 times from the public sale, that is, the TGE price, since the 5% offer will be distributed within the user. overview

Project name
Ticker symbol Forex
Total supply 420,000,000
Official website
Based on Forex Protocol
Launch year 2021
Supported chain Polygon, Ethereum
Exchange platform Tba
wallet Metamask, WalletConnect

TGE Overview

Platform used Own platform
Generated by $4,410,000 USD
Date of the ICO 21September 2021
ICO Price 14c to 21c
Key partners CMC, OKEx Venture, Animoca Brands, mgnr, hotlabs, Apollo Capital, Gatelabs, Kosmos Capital Genblock Capital, Coinlist, genblock capital, Defi Capital.

Forex Token Analysis

Forex utility & governance token of handle protocol ecosystem, as this token will be distributed as a reward for the liquidity provider and the contributor. The token holder will have access to the platform’s governance system through the voting mechanism. 5% of the offer will be distributed within the community with multiple programs that include meme creation, referral, and community support. Forex token generation event that is gaining huge attention from investors and already gets into the highly recommended project of the ICO list.


Judging by the theme of the website or the theme of the project looks old school in the opinion of many crypto investors. to be honest website vintage design and their product is perfectly suited to the theme. will be a great addition in the cryptocurrency market with great possibilities in the Defi Forex ecosystem. Project supported by the best blockchain enterprise and investment company and highly voted by the best crypto platform. ICODrops has rated a high interest in this project and the community has already surpassed the 10k user brand.

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