Gala 2022 and 2025 price forecast

Currently, Gala’s market cap has started to trade downwards, and the volume has turned red. In recent days, the price of Gala is again falling. Technical analysis shows that the signal recommendation is to sell for the day. The gala is down 0.38% in the last 24 hours. The current rank of the Gala is 85th from 24 hours. Compared to the last 7 days Gala is falling and the price has fallen.

There is no sign of recovery.

frill Mana BTC
5 Days -7.16% -5.62% -4.99%
Ytd -88.6% -74.8% -59.6%

Gala 2022 price forecast: volume and market capitalization

volume Market capitalization
July 4 $103 million $369 million
30 June $203 million $379 million
June 1 $317 million $514 million
May 1 $365 million $997 million
April 1 $755 million $1.82 B
March 1 $1.67 Mln $1.79 Billion
February 1 $460 million $1.42 B
January 1 $297 million $ 3.22 B

Gala 2022 price forecast: analysts’ estimate

Average Gala Price Forecast 2022 $0.09
TechNewsLeader $0.12
DigitalCoinPrice $0.07 $0.09

Gala 2025 price forecast: analysts’ estimate

Average Gala Price Forecast 2025 $0.27
TechNewsLeader $0.38
DigitalCoinPrice $0.11
Price Net Forecast $0.32

Gala 2022 price forecast: some facts

  • GALA is an ERC-20 utility token developed on the Ethereum network. It is a leading digital resource within the Gala Games ecosystem for item purchases, peer-to-peer payments, rewarding nodes, and more.
  • The Gala token powers the Gala games ecosystem. Users can play a variety of games on the platform. The games are 100% free-to-play and are accessible via blockchain via a decentralized application (DApp).
  • The Gala token was founded by Eric Schiermeyer (the co-founder of Zynga and legend of the game), Wright Thurston (one of the first major miners in the cryptocurrency space and holder of multiple patents on blockchain technology) and Michael McCarthy (the creative director behind viral gaming hits like Farmville 2).

Where to buy Gala?

GALA is gradually becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There has been a rapid increase in demand for GALA. Here are the steps to buy GALA:

  1. Find a cryptocurrency exchange that sells GALA
  2. Create an account with Exchange
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Finance your portfolio
  5. Make the purchase
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