Facial verification on how to fix the error

Facial verification is one of the standard requirements when opening a trading account on brokers or international exchanges. The following article shows you how to complete facial verification on and handle failed facial verification errors.

Why do you need to verify your face on your account?

Any reputable broker is regulated by renowned financial regulatory agencies in the world. is an exception. is strictly regulated by ASIC, CySEC, NBRB and FCA with global financial regulations with statutes such as AML and KYC.

Facial verification is one of the mandatory requirements to complete the regulation.

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A full facial verification account gives users full access to features and removal of trading restrictions. In addition, after completing facial verification, the account is protected at a higher level. If, unfortunately, the account is illegally accessible by scammers, it is easier for the account holder to recover his account.

How to do the front verification on

Users should prioritize using the phone while verifying faces for convenience when scanning faces. Before performing facial verification on, users must sign in to their accounts. If you do not have an account, please register using the link below

If the user has not already completed the steps to verify the identity and address on the account, the upload of these documents must be completed. Then select [Selfie] and use the camera to scan the faces.

If you uploaded your ID, click [Take a video selfie].

Common errors when checking faces

When checking faces, there are some common errors as follows:

  • Users who wear glasses wear hats when confirming faces, causing the scanner not to recognize the face.
  • Using photo editing software while verifying faces makes the system unrecognizable.
  • Perform facial verification in low light.
  • Bring the camera too close or far from your face while scanning, or shake hands when looking at your face.
  • The Internet connection is not stable.

How to debug while verifying face?

Method 1: Try to move the face if the user does not make the above mistakes but is still not recognized by to complete the verification process.

Method 2: If it still doesn’t work, try again in 30 minutes.

Method 3: If trying different ways and fixing errors still fails to complete the verification process, users send an email for support: [email protected]

Email Subject: Face verification on failed (facial verification on failed)

The content of the email is as follows:

Dear team.

My account is: …… (Enter the email or phone number you used to register your phone).

I faced the verification on, but it failed. Please help me.

Thank you.

Dear team,

I tried to verify the face without success. Can you support this case?

Thank you.”

You can attach a screenshot of your account status

Wait for the reply email from and follow the instructions in the email.

Method 4: Users can also send a support request or live chat with customer support.

Conclusion is a reputable broker that complies with all regulations of world-renowned financial regulators. Completing account verification in general and facing verification on helps users better protect their accounts and access full trading features on the platform.

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