Binance Email: How to Change Your Address

For some reason, users need to change the email address on their Binance ID account. Users can do this quickly on computers and phones. How to do this is introduced in detail in the following article.

How to change the email address of your Binance account on your computer?

Log in to your Binance account. If you don’t have an account, follow the link below:

After logging in, click Account Management and select [Security].

Before making changes to your email, you need to enable 2FA with SMS and Binance Google Authenticator. Next, under [Email Address], click [Change]. Then select [Confirm].

  • Enter the new email, click [Get Code], and enter the security code sent to the new email.
  • After that, in turn, you get the security code and send it to your old email, phone number, and code on the Google Authenticator app.
  • Then click [Submit]

If the user can’t sign in to their old email account, click [Security Verification Not Available].

Check the box of the old email address and click [Confirm Restore].

  • Enter the security code in the Google Authenticator app and fill in the [Authenticator code] box
  • Click [Get Code] to receive the code sent to SMS and fill in the blank [Phone Verification Code] box
  • Select [Send]
  • Then, enter a new email, click [Get Code], enter the security code sent to the new email, and click [Reset Now].
  • Users may need to answer security questions or perform facial verification to confirm their identity. Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete the required verification process.
  • The user must face verification if the account has completed intermediate verification (level 2). Click to scan the QR code or click [Use PC to verify] to run the process.
  • After completing, click [I completed this on my phone] and wait for Binance to approve the request.

How to change email when I can’t access my BINance ID account?

In some cases, users cannot access their Binance account but want to change the old email. In the login window, enter your login email and password. In the next window, click [Security verification not available?].

In the next window, check the box with the old email address and click [Confirm Recovery] and follow the exact instructions as above.

How to change Binance email on the phone?

Similar to when you run it on a computer, to change the e-mail address on your phone, do the following:

Log in to the Binance app, then go to your account manager and select [Security]

  • Click [Email Authenticator], select [Change Email Authenticator] and click [Continue]
  • Like your computer, enter a new email, click [Send Code], and enter the security code sent to the new email.
  • Take the code in the other 2-level security methods in turn and fill in the corresponding empty box. Then click [Submit]
  • If the user can’t access the old email, select [Security Verification Not Available] and follow the same steps on the computer.

Some important notes

  • After making changes to the Email Address of your Binance account, withdrawals, transactions, and payments are blocked for 24 hours to ensure the safety of your users.
  • The user cannot change the new email account with the old email for 30 days after making the email change.
  • The new email address used for the Binance account is the new unused account to register another Binance account.
  • If the process of making changes to your email is difficult, contact Binance Support and select [for instructions.

When using Binance, if unusual activity is detected with the account, users must change their email addresses to ensure the security of their assets. In addition, if the old email is no longer in use or cannot be logged in, the user must also modify the new email so as not to miss important notifications for the current Binance account.

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