Efinity (EFI) Token Price Forecast 2022, 2022, 2025, 2030, 2050

Efinity is a next-generation blockchain project that aims to empower NFTs, i.e. non-fungible tokens, digital assets and collectibles. Efinity is developed by kickstarter of the NFT revolution and the creator of the ERC-1155 Token Enjin Blockchain standard. Enjin originally developed on the Ethereum blockchain and expanding the vision to create a scalable, decentralized and cross-chain network, they decided to introduce Efinity. The business and developer search for the platform that offers a developer-friendly NFT experience is coming to an end.

Efinity built on the Polkadot network to open a window for vision and the multi-chain NFT project will have independent data, status and economic framework. Polkadot will help create a Web 3.0 NFT infrastructure with maintenance features such as low transactions, faster transactions, and security. Currently, the existing infrastructure causes many problems for developers, as they have to work with high rates, inflexible smart contracts and zero interoperability.

In Era of NFT there is no incentive program for the real user, since users who earn are limited to price fluctuations. To address this issue, Efinity proposes a new NFT highway feature that will eliminate the general computing blockchain network to shift the focus to creating, transferring, and purchasing tokens. Efinity has hubs for all fungible and non-fungal tokens that will accept different multi-chain paratokens.

Efinity Price Forecast

Month & Year EFI Price Forecasting
September 2022 $0.17
October 2022 $0.25
September 2022 $0.27
December 2022 $0.29
January 2023 $0.31
February 2023 $0.23
April 2023 $0.27
April 2023 $0.30
May 2023 $0.36
June 2023 $0.36
September 2023 $0.40
December 2023 $0.42
April 2024 $0.41
July 2024 $0.48
October 2024 $0.44
January 2025 $0.49
February 2025 $1.07
April 2025 $1.10
April 2025 $1.21
May 2025 $1.23
June 2025 $1.26
July 2025 US$ 1.41
July 2025 $1.63
September 2025 $1.49
October 2025 $1.46
October 2025 $1.70
December 2025 $1.75
January 2030 $3.77
April 2030 $4.00
May 2030 $4.49
July 2030 $4.14
September 2030 $4.77
December 2030 $4.94

Efinity Overview

Project name Infinity
Ticker symbol efi
Total supply 2,000,000,000
Official website
Based on Nft
Launch year 2021
Supported chain Ethereum, Polkadot
Exchange platform Na
wallet Metamask

EFI ICO Overview

Platform used Coinlista
Generated by Na
Date of the ICO 24th June 2021
ICO Price $0.20 USD
partner Capital, DFG, Hashed

EFI Price Analysis

EFI, namely the Efinity token, will power Efinity’s cross-chain NFT network, as the token will be used to pay transaction fees on the platform. in early 2021, EFI Token launched and later Efinity raised $18.9 million market cap in the private sale. The public sale of Efinity will be hosted on the Coinlist exchange. in the public sale 100 million supply will be available for distribution and the ICO price is $ 0.20 USD. previously many token sales hosted by Coinlist got a huge response from the investor and similarly the Efinity token sold out within hours.

The holder of the EFI token will obtain participation in the governance process, which will give the opportunity to enter the debate by vote. The EFI token holder can stake their token to earn rewards or participate in an incentive program.


2021 is the turning point year of NFT, digital collectibles or goods that are innovating with Blockchain technology. we know Engin’s pioneering vision of non-fungible tokens where the user can perform various NFT-based operations including trading, development, monetization and marketing. Efinity developed was started with the vision of producing physical NFTs for which Enjin has joined hands with Uniqly. Efinity could be the largest blockchain project in the NFT category and could be in the top 300 by market cap volume. we know that NFT is the future of resource storage and by focusing on physical NFT, Efinity definitely gets more response from users.

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