Cryptocurrency Expert: Top 5 Courses to Take

Cryptocurrency is an emerging market that offers various earning opportunities. It is not only a trader’s market, but also a fertile ground for new market developers such as smart contracts, tokens or NFT. A must for lovers of the cryptocurrency market. These courses teach beginners to master the Binance platform, analyze and find appropriate trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency market, create efficient trading bots, and generate tokens, tokens, and NFT of smart contracts on Binance.

These courses can help you become an expert in the cryptocurrency market without spending much time watching dozens of tutorials scattered around the internet.

1. Binance App: How to Buy, Sell and Transfer Cryptocurrencies.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency trading platform with the most significant trading volume globally, but it has many features that newcomers often find difficult to get started. After opening a Binance account, you don’t know how to get started. There are so many Binance courses scattered around the internet that you don’t know exactly what you need to do to start buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency. The Binance App course is a step-by-step guide to becoming an expert cryptocurrency in just 2 hours.

Users are guided through the simplest operations, such as: How to create a Binance account, how to deposit money into a Binance account, how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, how to trade on the spot market, futures contracts and margin (using leverage). In addition, users learn broad skills such as transferring cryptocurrencies from one exchange to another or transferring cryptocurrencies to e-wallets and earning passive income from electronic money cryptocurrencies, buying a Binance card or paying with crypto. In addition, users, after learning the course, will know how to effectively use the two types of accounts Binance Lite and Binance PRO or how to protect the account to keep binance users’ resources to the maximum.

Some information about the course is as follows:

  • Price: 84.99$
  • Duration: 8 parts, 22 lectures, total time 2 hours 12 minutes
  • Instructor: Claudiu Ivan
  • Click to Buy: Binance App: How to Buy, Sell and Transfer Cryptocurrencies

2. Intensive Cryptocurrency Trading Course CoursCryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

95% of beginners often make mistakes when trading cryptocurrencies. If you are starting out in the market but do not have basic knowledge and do not know how to react to unexpected market movements, you will probably lose money in trading. This course helps you understand the most fundamental knowledge a trader needs and how to avoid common mistakes. The course includes many short, easy-to-understand lessons that get to where a beginner needs to learn. This course is currently rated 4.7/5 stars. If you don’t like overly complicated concepts, this course might be for you with simple and easy-to-understand strategies.

The cryptocurrency trading beginner course introduces the basics for a beginner to understand the essence of trading and provides detailed instructions on creating the portfolio, planning trading, opening different types of trading orders, and automatically placing orders. In addition, you will also learn tips to improve trading efficiency, how to react when the market reverses and avoid mistakes that you may encounter while trading.

Some information about the course is as follows:

  • Price: $29.99
  • Duration: 4 parts, 21 lessons, total time 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Instructor: Crypto Giant
  • Click to Buy: Intensive Cryptocurrency Trading Course for Beginners

3. The Complete Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course 2022

Signing up for a trading account and knowing how to open and close orders is not enough if you want to make a profit on the cryptocurrency market. Let’s say you look at the chart and don’t know what it means if you don’t know how to analyze market trends to find good investment opportunities in trading. Theoretical knowledge is too difficult to understand and expect to be guided by practical examples if you read. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading Course 2022 is just for you. The course has almost 18,000 students and is rated 4.4/5 stars. This course is full of knowledge, from the most basic to the most specific, to help a new trader have enough knowledge to trade independently and find a suitable trading strategy right after completing the course.

The cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading course introduces fundamentals such as: how to read and analyze charts effectively, how to use support and resistance, common technical indicators to find profitability trading opportunities, how to manage risks, protect profits. In addition, the course also introduces specific trading strategies: step-by-step trading, how to identify a portfolio, detailed buy and sell time, profitable trading experiences and strategies with practical examples.

Some information about the course is as follows:

  • Price: 84.99$
  • Duration: 13 parts, 108 lectures, total time of 9 hours 26 minutes
  • Instructor: Mouna E.
  • Click to Buy: The Full Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Trading Course 2022

4. Algorithmic cryptocurrency trading with Python and Binance

Automated trading via Trading Bot running on virtual servers is a feature quite familiar to forex traders. Swapping Binance with the Python programming language also meets the automated trading needs of such investors. If you are interested in automated cryptocurrency trading, you cannot skip this course. The Binance Python Automated Trading course teaches how to create powerful and fully automated cryptocurrency trading bots for Binance Spot and Futures Trading. This course is currently rated 4.7/5 stars by users for the volume of knowledge and quality of the content.

This course is divided into four parts, including:

  • Part One: A Guide to the Fundamentals of Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing, an Overview of Binance, the Binance API, and Financial Data Analysis with Python and Pandas.
  • Parts 2 and 3: Step-by-step step-by-step step instructions for bot creation and automated trading in the Spot and Futures crypto markets.
  • Part 4: A Guide to Trading binance API and Other Exchanges
  • Part 5: Errors and related issues while using Python. The most common mistakes are made when trading cryptocurrencies.

Some information about the course is as follows:

  • Price: 84.99$
  • Duration: 30 parts, 401 lectures, total time 36 hours 12 minutes
  • Instructor: Alexander Hagmann
  • Click to buy: Cryptocurrency Algorithmic Trading with Python and Binance

5. Binance Design and MasterTrack Development

Most users know Binance as a cryptocurrency exchange. But not only that, but Binance also has many other interesting features. If you wish to become a market developer and implement new products related to cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Defi projects, this is the first course you need to learn.

This course teaches how to create smart contracts on Binance and build NFT markets and tokens on Binance. The course consists of 5 parts:

  • Part 1: Learn about binance, BNB, and Binance Defi and use cases
  • Part 2: Learn about Binance’s evolving features, the BEP20 network
  • Parts 3 and 4: Learn the Binance Smart Chain Cryptocurrency Implementation Project and NFT Market Development on Binance and the NFT Market Development Project on Binance
  • Part 5: Learn about the Defi platform, infrastructure and tools for Defi project developers on the BSC network.

Some information about the course is as follows:

  • Price: $29.99
  • Duration: 5 parts, 18 lectures, total duration of 52 minutes
  • Instructor: Abhinav Raj
  • Click to buy: Binance Design and Development MasterTrack


The cryptocurrency market offers many opportunities to earn passive income in various ways. However, making a profit in any market requires a strong investment in learning. Above are five cryptocurrency courses for beginners and professionals. Above are five introductory courses for newcomers selected and introduced by to help you gain full knowledge and know-how to avoid risks early before entering the cryptocurrency market.

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