Complete Guide to the 2024 Business Bonus: Concessions and News

In 2024, companies located in the Italian South have the opportunity to access a series of benefits promoted by the State, including contributions, tax incentives and financing on favorable terms. These measures are aimed at stimulating the economic development of areas of the South, encouraging the creation of new businesses and the strengthening of those that already exist. Here is a detailed analysis of the main benefits available this year

Overview of Concessions

1) South Investment Bonus for Capital Goods

One of the most significant incentives is the Southern Investment Bonus, which provides a tax credit of up to 45% for the purchase of new capital goods intended for production facilities located in eligible regions until 31 December 2024.

2) Rest in the South

The Resto al Sud initiative continues to offer support to start-ups and entrepreneurs under 56, combining non-repayable contributions and bank funding for business projects in the South.

3) Southern decontribution

The Southern Decontribution offers a contribution exemption of up to 30%, with the aim of protecting employment levels in the most disadvantaged areas of Southern Italy.

4) Southern Composting Plant Tax Credit

This year there is also a tax credit for the installation of composting plants in food centers in the South, with a maximum limit of one million euros for 2024.

Other Important Initiatives

  • SME Mezzogiorno bonus: concessions for innovative business investments, covering up to 75% of eligible expenses.
  • FRI: support for research and development projects with grants and subsidized funding.
  • South Single ZES Tax Credit: incentive for the purchase of capital goods in the SEZ (Special Economic Zones) of the South.

Sectorial and Regional Bonuses

In addition, there are numerous calls and incentives specific to the sector or region, such as the bonus for the wine sector in Sicily, the Tecnonidi call in Puglia for technological start-ups and the incentive for the digitalization of SMEs in Cosenza.

Procedure for Accessing Concessions

To benefit from these benefits, companies must generally submit an application through dedicated platforms or participate in specific calls published by their respective managing bodies. It’s critical to verify the eligibility criteria, deadlines, and documents required for
each incentive.


The benefits for the 2024 Southern Bonus represent a valuable opportunity for companies operating in the Italian South, offering financial support for the start and development of business activities. It is important that entrepreneurs inform themselves promptly about the various incentives available and the requirements necessary to access them, in order to maximize opportunities for growth and competitiveness in the market

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