Compare different instruments in the same chart on eToro

Before making a more in-depth analysis of any instrument, you should compare it with other tools, which give you a better overview of the most potential investment.

Fortunately, eToro offers a comparison tool designed to help you compare the performance of different instruments in the same chart.

1 After logging into the eToro account, open the chart of the assets you want to compare. Then, click on the graphic icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Arabic number Type the name or ticker symbol of the resources you want to compare with. For example, FB (Facebook)

Then click on it and it will automatically appear in the different colored line, which shows the price movement.

Best of all, you’re also likely to add more tools, even instruments in different markets.

Performance comparison between Google, Facebook and Bitcoin

Now you can see the price movement of different assets in the same chart so that you can observe the correlation between assets and compare their performance with each other.


  • The bottom horizontal bar represents the Timeline
  • The vertical column represents the performance of price growth(%)

Note: To delete any tools from the chart, move the mouse pointer over the indicator, and then right-click it.

Using the comparison tool available on eToro, you can make informed decisions and trade more effectively.

We hope you make great use of this feature and help you improve your experience as an eToro trader! We are always open to feedback, so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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