Civil disability 2024: news, requirements, amount, what changes

Since 2024, the process of recognizing civil disability has undergone significant changes. The Government has introduced a new functional assessment system for estimating degrees of disability, based on the international classification. In addition, the Disability Decree 2024 has made significant changes to the process of recognizing civil disability. In this guide, we’ll look at how the assessment of civil disability changes and what’s new for those applying in 2024

How does civil disability change in 2024

With the entry into force of Law No. 227 of 22 December 2021, known as the “Framework Law for Disability”, and the approval of the Disability Decree 2024, the process of recognizing civil disability has been significantly reformed. The Decree, approved on 15 April 2024 by the Council of Ministers, introduces a new evaluation system that considers not only medical aspects, but also the social and environmental context in which the person lives.

Main news

The main changes introduced by the Disability Decree 2024 are:

  1. New definition of the condition of disability: In addition to medical aspects, the social and environmental context will be evaluated.
  2. Multidimensional assessment: This new assessment considers various factors such as the environment, individual abilities and specific needs, and is used for the elaboration of a personalized and participatory individual life project.
  3. Control room: Establishment of a body to determine essential levels of performance for people with disabilities.
  4. Uniformity of performance: Performance will be uniform at the national level, avoiding disparities between regions.
  5. Monitoring and periodic review: Periodic reviews will be provided to ensure that performance and accommodations remain adequate.
  6. Improvement of procedures for work permits Law 104: Procedures for granting permits to family members who care for people with disabilities will be simplified.

From 17 June 2024, a new personalized and interactive video guide service is also available for adults with hearing or visual disabilities.

Requirements for civil disability in 2024

According to the new INPS guidelines, to be considered “mutilated and disabled civilians” it is necessary to have disabilities that cause a permanent reduction in work capacity or difficulty in carrying out age-appropriate activities. From 2024, the definition of disability will focus on the integrity of bodily functions and the capacity for social participation

Amount of civil disability in 2024

The monthly disability allowance varies according to the reduction in work capacity and the income limits established by the INPS. For 2024, income limits are set at 6,947.33 euros per year for those with a partial reduction in working capacity (from 74% to 99%). The monthly amounts of the check are

  • Disabled, partially blind and deaf: 333.33 euros (increase compared to 316.25 euros in 2023).
  • Absolutely blind people who are not hospitalized: 360.48 euros (increase compared to 342.01 euros in 2023).

Income limits for civil disability 2024

The income limits for 2024 are:

  • Total disabled people, blind civilians and deaf and dumb: 19,461.12 euros (increase compared to 17,920.00 euros in 2023).
  • Partial disabled people and minors: 5,725.46 euros (increase compared to 5,391.88 euros in 2023).

Duration of the civil disability allowance

The monthly allowance is paid for 13 monthly payments, starting from the month following the submission of the application or from the date indicated by the competent health commissions.

Abolition of disability tables from 2025

Starting from 2025, the percentage tables for evaluating disability will be abandoned. The new system will use the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), integrating other internationally recognized assessment systems

2024 marks a year of important changes in the recognition of civil disability, with a more inclusive approach and an assessment that takes into account social and environmental aspects, as well as medical ones. These innovations aim to ensure greater equity and uniformity in performance, while improving the services offered to people with disabilities. Keep following the blog for more updates and useful information on the benefits and services available for people with disabilities

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