Cerdá, the “For Fan Pets” line extends the “fan phenomenon” to pets

The For Fan Pets line by Artesanía Cerdá, a company specialized in the production and distribution of licensed products, extends the so-called “fan phenomenon” to pets and marks a turning point in the sector, discovering a new opportunity to do business.

Cerdá’s For Fan Pets line: all the news to discover

In the closet of the little ones (and not only) there is no shortage of clothing dedicated to the favorite characters of Disney, Star Wars and DC.

The trend is not only widespread among parents and loyal enthusiasts: even dog and cat owners are buying more and more accessories with these same characters to dress their four-legged friends fashionably (and as true fans).

The trend has grown over the years and statistics confirm it:

  • The number of households with pets in Europe has increased by almost 20 million in the last eight years and is approaching 90 million;
  • According to research carried out by the Association of Veterinarians of Companion Animals of Madrid (AMVAC), in 2019 the number of pets tripled the number of children in Spanish families. The situation appears similar in other European countries.

In addition, Interzoo in Nuremberg, the leading trade fair for the international pet products industry, showed that the sector is now worth more than 1.2 billion euros and is the fifth largest market in Europe.

Cerdá also participated in the event with the “For Fan Pets” line, showing the latest news in terms of feeders, leashes,  harnesses, toys, kennels and clothing for dogs and cats, bringing the concept of licensed products to this sector, where the consumer seeks the best for the four-legged member of the family.

Disney, Star Wars, DC and AC/DC are some of the licensed brands that pet owners can dress their dogs and cats with. Your pets will be so elegant and casual at the same time, showing off garments that are characterized by comfort and durability. The concept of licensed pet products represents a booming business opportunity , and the “For Fan Pets” collection was designed to respond to the fan phenomenon with quality products. In this way, moreover, the  family bond between owners and pets is highlighted.

The words of the director

Josué Santana, director of the Cerdá Group’s “For Fan Pets” line, spoke about the new business opportunity and comments: “There was a niche in the pet products market that was not covered by licensed products and that is why we saw the opportunity to create a specialized line. With our participation in the Interzoo Fair, we try to make known this innovative concept for the world of pets and the added value that the licensed product brings, because so far no one has worked with licenses as For Fan Pets is doing“.

Then he emphasized: “The acceptance of our products in the specialized channel has been very good. We are currently working with the most important Spanish retailers in the sector and we are very focused on international growth.”

The Cerdá Group

The Cerdá Group specializes in the production and distribution of licensed products of world-renowned entertainment brands. Among them: Disney, Marvel, LucasFilms, Warner Bros, Nickelodeon and Universal.

The brand offers products of various kinds, from clothing to footwear, from accessories to accessories and now even a wide range entirely dedicated to pets. With Cerdá there is everything you need to satisfy and entertain the whole family, no one excluded.

The foundation of the company is the talent of its team, allowing the brand to consolidate itself as a reference point in a large number of European countries. As a manufacturer of household items, the Cerdá Group works to make all its processes more sustainable and reduce the environmental impact as much as possible, in full compliance with the current emergency.

“For Fan Pets” is a cheerful, fun, but at the same time elegant brand, without neglecting the geek essence, present in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Latin America, which manages a product catalog of over 400 references in different categories: walking, resting, feeders, toys and fashion.

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