Bonuses without ISEE 2024: what are they and how to request them

In 2024, several bonuses are available that you can request without presenting the ISEE. These are aids and facilities accessible to families and individuals regardless of their income. In this detailed guide, we present the updated list of bonuses without ISEE, explaining how they work, when they expire and how
to claim them.

What are the bonuses without ISEE 2024

Here is the list of bonuses without ISEE available in 2024 with a detailed explanation of each one.

1. Car bonus

There are several car incentives in 2024, recognized in the form of bonuses. These are grants approved with the 2024 ecobonus auto, intended for those who intend to buy a new car or scrap the old one, opting for greener and more sustainable vehicles. In detail, there is the 2024 used car bonus, an incentive of 2,000 euros for those who buy a used car by scrapping a car that is at least 12 months old and of a class of up to Euro 4. In addition, there are car incentives of up to 3,000 euros for the purchase of M1 vehicles with CO2 emissions between 61-135 g/km
with simultaneous scrapping.

2. Motorcycle and scooter bonus

The 2024 motorcycle and scooter bonus, up to 4,000 euros, is state economic aid aimed at encouraging the purchase of motorcycles and two-wheeled scooters, but also more ecological and sustainable tricycles and quadricycles. Applications to claim this bonus started on June 3, 2024 and will be open while funds are exhausted

3. Bonus 100 cum laude

The 2024 bonus 100 cum laude rewards academic excellence, awarded to students who graduate with honors. Since 2007, the government has allocated specific resources for deserving students who finish the baccalaureate exam with honors. This bonus is not tied to income.

4. Teacher bonus

The 2024 teacher bonus, also known as the ‘teacher card’, is a 500 euro expense voucher for teachers for professional updating. It does not require the presentation of the ISEE

5. Bonus IMU 2024

The IMU 2024 bonus can be requested without ISEE for properties on loan to parents, children or direct relatives. It provides a 50% discount on the IMU rate for homes granted on loan for use to immediate relatives.

6. Invalid big bonuses

In 2024, it is possible to apply for the 878 euro disability bonus, intended for those entitled regardless of their ISEE. It is a monthly allowance for large disabled people who have unsuccessfully requested the companion service

7. Building bonus

Among the 2024 building bonuses that do not require the ISEE are the Superbonus, the furniture bonus, the architectural barriers bonus, the green bonus, the mosquito net bonus, the awning bonus, the security bonus, the air conditioning bonus and the boiler bonus. The renovation bonus, the stove and chimney bonus, the pellet bonus and the photovoltaic bonus also fall
into this category.

8. Internet bonus

The 2024 internet bonus, of 100 euros, is intended for families who do not have an internet connectivity service or who have a slow connection. It is a contribution to promote access to broadband.

9. Disabled children bonus 2024

The 2024 disabled children bonus is a contribution for home support for families with children under 3 years of age suffering from serious chronic diseases. The amount varies from 1,500 to 3,600 euros and is not tied to ISEE limits

10. Bonus electric columns

The 2024 electric charging bonus is a contribution for the purchase and installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. The reimbursement is 80% of the cost, up to 1,500 euros for columns installed in private homes and 8,000 euros for those in
condominium areas.

11. Caregiver Bonus


The caregiver bonus is financial support for family members who care for the elderly, sick and disabled. It is not linked to the ISEE, but to specific requirements defined in regional or local calls

12. Cosmetic surgery bonus

The 2024 cosmetic surgery bonus provides a discount equal to the VAT exemption for cosmetic surgery and interventions for therapeutic purposes.

13. Nursery bonus without ISEE

The kindergarten bonus is an economic support for families, in the form of reimbursement of expenses incurred up to 3,000 euros per year. It is intended for parents of children born, foster or adopted to pay the fees of authorized public and private kindergartens, or forms of
home care.

14. Driver’s license bonus

The 2024 driving license bonus is intended for young people up to 35 years old who wish to obtain a driving license for heavy vehicles to work in the road transport sector. It does not require the presentation of the ISEE

15. TV scrapping bonus

Also extended in 2024, the TV scrapping bonus is an incentive for those who buy a new television by scrapping the obsolete one. It does not require the presentation of the ISEE

Other grants and concessions recognized without ISEE

In addition to the bonuses listed above, there are other grants and benefits that can be obtained in 2024 without presenting the ISEE.

National Youth Card

Aimed at boys and girls between 18 and 35 years old resident in Italy, it offers discounts and discounts on cultural activities, restaurant services, accommodation, shops and transport.

Housewives bonus

It allows housewives and homemakers to train and acquire new skills. The measure is aimed primarily at women, but it also concerns men who carry out domestic activities

Single Universal Children’s Allowance

It can be requested and obtained without ISEE, even if at a minimum amount (57 euros per month) and without increases and increases.

The 2024 non-ISEE bonuses offer many opportunities for families and individuals regardless of their income. It is important to find out about the requirements and methods of access in order to benefit from these

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