Bitcoin on Etoro: how buying works

Bitcoin is currently still the most reputable cryptocurrency and will no doubt continue to hold this position in the future. Today, traders can buy and sell Bitcoin from anywhere. But the first thing to do is that traders need to find the right broker for them. Then you need to perform a trade effortlessly, and the time to buy or sell is in a matter of minutes. So should we choose to buy Bitcoin on the eToro exchange?

Why should we buy Bitcoin on Etoro?

Etoro is an exchange that was established in 2007. This exchange has obtained many certifications from reputable regulatory agencies such as SEC, FCA, CySEC and ASIC. eToro is also a member of FINRA and the broker plans to go public this year. eToro has attracted more than 20 million trading customers to its platform.

To buy Bitcoin on the eToro site, traders will need to open an account, authenticate, and deposit a minimum amount of $50. Depositing money into your account is also very simple. Users can pay by debit card, credit card, bank account, PayPal or Neteller. It’s worth mentioning that the minimum amount of Bitcoin you can buy on eToro is only $10.

Therefore, this factor could make eToro the best exchange for new investors to try this interesting cryptocurrency. In addition, the passive investment tools offered by eToro are also exciting. CryptoPortfolio allows investors to invest in multiple digital currencies through a single transaction. This portfolio will be proposed and managed by the eToro management team. This exchange also has an outstanding feature which is Copy Trading.

eToro Wallet is also a very interesting feature of the eToro ecosystem. Users can buy Bitcoin and store it in their digital wallets. In addition, the eToro wallet has been rated as one of the best bitcoin wallets available today.

Many investors are very interested in cryptocurrencies but do not like the risks that these coins entail. In this case, they can choose to invest in publicly traded companies that use blockchain technology and trade cryptocurrencies. If you are interested in Bitcoin stocks, you will find a wide range of Bitcoin stocks on eToro with low prices and advanced charting tools.

The process of buying Bitcoin on eToro

Traders only need to follow four simple steps to own today’s most powerful digital currency. With eToro alone, you only need $10 to fulfill your dream of getting rich.

Step 1

First, a trader needs to open a trading account on the eToro exchange

Open an eToro account. First, a trader needs to open a trading account on the eToro exchange. Just follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the information as instructed.

Step 2

Make your first deposit to your account. Choose the most convenient deposit method for you and deposit a minimum of $50 into your account. On eToro’s trading platform, users can choose from various deposit methods. For example, credit card, bank account, PayPal.

Step 3

You have to type “Bitcoin” in the search bar and click on the “Trade” button

To search for Bitcoin on the eToro exchange, you need to type “Bitcoin” in the search bar and click the “Trade” button. Immediately after that, an information panel will appear on the screen.

Step 4

Decide how much you want to buy Bitcoin and click the Open Trade button

Start buying Bitcoin. Decide how much you want to buy Bitcoin and click the Open Trade button. Please note that the amount of the transaction must be more than $10. The spread when trading Bitcoin on eToro is only about 0.75%.

With just four simple steps, you can own the world’s most powerful digital currency.

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