Binance Verification Failed: How to Fix the Error

Binance is the highest ranking cryptocurrency trading platform globally. To ensure account security and unlock trading features when using Binance, users must verify the identity of the account. Account verification failed. What to do? The following article guides new users on fixing failed Binance identity verification errors.

Reasons for Binance Identity Verification

There are many different reasons why users need to verify their account identity. Among them, there are three most important reasons including:

  • Unlock transaction limits.

    Binance requires identity verification so that users are not restricted from trading. Example: Level 1 verified account is only eligible to withdraw $300 and 2BTC/day. Meanwhile, verified level 2 accounts are allowed to trade up to $50,000 and 8 million BUSDs per day.

  • Advanced security: Account verification helps users protect their accounts. If the account is not verified, hackers can easily steal the account, modify personal information to take control of the user’s account.
  • Compliance with Global Finance Law: Global Finance Law has provisions for KYC and AML, which require users to verify their identity. Cryptocurrency exchanges also run their business according to the rules and regulations of global financial law. Binance is also one of the platforms that complies with these rules and encourages users to meet account verification requirements.

How long does it take for Binance’s identity verification?

If Binance’s verification processes are followed successfully, users can take about 15 minutes. The required operations include: filling in personal information, uploading proof of identity, address and facial verification. The user tries not to reload the browser during the verification process, otherwise the verification step performed will not be recorded.

If Binance’s identity verification fails, the user can do so again up to 9 more times in 24 hours. After ten failed verification attempts, the user must wait another 24 hours before doing so again.

After completing the verification steps, users may have to wait 7-10 days for Binance to verify the user account and issue a green certificate to confirm the successful verification.

Binance Verification Failed and Troubleshooting

  • Unable to verify face is a common error encountered when verifying your account. Users should note that they don’t wear glasses, don’t use filters/editing apps, and perform in a place with enough light when verifying identity. During the face check, the user can slightly move the face so that the scanner recognizes it. Also, if after completing all the requirements and still failed, upload a portrait to prove your identity.
  • Not receiving the verification code via text message is also a common mistake in the account verification process. When this error occurs, the user can restart the device, check the network connection, or switch to voice verification via voice call.
  • Address verification failed is also a common error among Binance users. To verify the address, the user must enter the exact address as shown in the address proof document, country information, postal code according to their address.
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Some notes when verifying Binance’s identity

  • Users must complete the verification steps in 15 minutes. Beyond this time Binance may require a repetition.
  • The page browser should not be reloaded while the Binance account verification process is in progress.
  • It is recommended to use a photo of the verification document that is clear, full of information, lossless angles and in JPEG and PNG format.
  • Photos used to verify that the account is not being changed, using filters.
  • Verification of the face should be carried out in a place with good lighting and clear corners of the face, without glasses, using filters.
  • The address information to be filled in corresponds to the address verification document.


Identity verification, if done step by step, will be less prone to errors. If you have difficulty verifying your account identity, you can contact Binance customer support. When contacting support, users should attach screenshots or video recordings for instructions on how to fix the error quickly and accurately.

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