Binance Password: Here’s How to Change It

When using Binance, users may have forgotten their password or found that their password has been leaked. It’s time to change your Binance password. The following article shows you two ways to change your password in just one minute.

Why change your Binance account password?

  • The user forgot the old Binance password he used before, so that he could not access the account.
  • By detecting that old passwords are exposed, scammers can access the account.

  • Old passwords are too hard to remember or too easy to guess.
  • The old password has been used for a long time and needs to be changed to avoid duplicating or revealing the password.

Notes when you change your Binance password

Users can easily change the password in the account manager or reset the password directly outside the Binance login page. However, users must have access to the two-factor security of their Binance account: email, SMS, or Google Authenticator.

If the user can’t provide two-factor authentication, changing the password may be more challenging. Users must then contact Binance Support and provide proof of identity verification to prove account ownership.

After changing the password for the Binance account, all withdrawals from the fund are blocked for 24 hours to ensure the security of the account.

How to change Binance password with an account that has lost the right to log in?

In the event that the user forgets the password and is unable to access the Binance account, to change the password, the following steps must be done:

On the Binance sign-in page, select [Forgot Password], then click [Continue].

Select and enter the email address or phone number of your Binance account and choose [Next].

Drag the slider to match the two pieces of the puzzle and select the appropriate method to receive the security verification code via email or phone number.

Click [Get Code], enter the verification code in the blank box, and click [Next].

Enter the new password and confirm the new password in the box below and select [Confirm Reset] to complete.

Change your Binance password while still being able to access your account.

If the user still has access to the Binance account, they can change the password in the account manager. Proceed as follows:

Log in to your Binance account or sign up for a new Binance account by following the link below:

Similar to when making changes to the email or phone number of a Binance account. Select the Account Management tab and select [Security].

In the Device Activity/Login Password section, select [Change].

Enter the old password in the [Old password] box, enter a new password in the [New password] box, re-enter the new password in the [Confirm new password] box, and click [Confirm].

After performing the security verification steps, the user changes the password correctly. The account is automatically disconnected. Log in to your Binance account with your new password to confirm completion.


Changing your Binance password is very important because it is one of the main security factors for your account. Using a password that is too easy to guess or a password that is familiar or too long to remain unchanged can easily expose the user’s account password. Users must use a password with all letters, numbers and characters, uppercase letters to ensure the security of the account. In addition, after changing the password, the user cannot withdraw money for 24 hours. Therefore, you should choose the right time to change the password for your Binance account.

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